Seven of Cups

by tigerlilybug


Art Media – a mix of traditional pencil and watercolor then photographed and edited in photoshop

Art Concept/Card Description, symbolism and meaning: Not being able to grasp the things that could bring us true pleasure can be emotionally troubling. This little girl is so focused on the object of her desire that she fails to notice the stool that could easily get her to the top of the counter, which is symbolic for taking the time to seek ways to reach your goal instead of just focusing on the gratification in the event of getting a hold of your dreams and desires. This card asks you to challenge yourself using the intellect along side emotion to get what you heart desires.

Artist Bio: just a wishful thinker, a dreamer for life )o(
I'm a vegetarian for the animals & crustaceans <3
Lucky in love, with the man of my dreams (:
Cats, cats and more cats :3 is my motto :3 meow =^.^=
I'm practically invisible, by choice O.o
Laughter is the sound of life :D

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