The Fifth Aeclectic Community Tarot Deck

The Fifth Aeclectic Community Tarot deck was created by members of the Aeclectic Tarot Forum, during late 2014 and early 2015. It's a full 78-card, Rider-Waite style deck and the artists could use any medium they liked to create their card.

The Fool by starlightexp
The Magician by Chronata
The High Priestess by cailleach
The Empress by frejasphere
The Emperor by gregory
The Heirophant by rota
The Lovers by gregory
The Chariot by nicky
Justice by blue_fusion
The Hermit by stone_lotus
The Wheel of Fortune by Rose Lalonde
Strength by wooden-eye
The Hanged Man by truelighth
Death by Lillie
Temperance by trzes
Devil by tarotbear
Tower by laura_borealis
Star by blue_fusion
The Moon by Marirowana
The Sun by agviz
Judgement by Flames
The World by Cenozoic

Ace of Wands by Amsonia
Two of Wands by frejasphere
Three of Wands by Tarot Orat
Four of Wands by Grigori
Five of Wands by Padma
Six of Wands by Elven
Seven of Wands by Flames
Eight of Wands by GlitterNova
Nine of Wands by nisaba
Ten of Wands by reall
Page of Wands by Elven
Knight of Wands by Elven
Queen of Wands by Elven
King of Wands by Elven

Ace of Cups by dancing_moon
Two of Cups by daphne
Three of Cups by Seven Stars
Four of Cups by Tarot Orat
Five of Cups by Padma
Six of Cups by Elven
Seven of Cups by tigerlilybug
Eight of Cups by gregory
Nine of Cups by Flames
Ten of Cups by laura_borealis
Page of Cups by Ruby
Knight of Cups by dancing_moon
Queen of Cups by reall
King of Cups by Gerbear

Ace of Swords by gregory
Two of Swords by gregory
Three of Swords by Minutedot
Four of Swords by reall
Five of Swords by CasCanete
Six of Swords by gregory
Seven of Swords by Elven
Eight of Swords by daphne
Nine of Swords by Tarot Orat
Ten of Swords by frejasphere
Page of Swords by danielnogo
Knight of Swords by Tarot Orat
Queen of Swords by Flames
King of Swords by Padma

Ace of Pentacles by Marirowana
Two of Pentacles by agviz
Three of Pentacles by annabel398
Four of Pentacles by GlitterNova
Five of Pentacles by Padma
Six of Pentacles by tarotbear
Seven of Pentacles by laura_borealis
Eight of Pentacles by reall
Nine of Pentacles by Flames
Ten of Pentacles by Padma
Page of Pentacles by Padma
Knight of Pentacles by Padma
Queen of Pentacles by Elven
King of Pentacles by Padma