Two of Wands

by Annette Abolins (aka frejasphere)


Artwork & Card Description: My journey along the path of creativity and spirituality has begun with the wind of confidence blowing in my hair.

As my boat ferries me toward new horizons, I look to the shores I leave behind, where the past holds wisdom and knowledge I will rely on in the future.

The eagle represents courage, vision and perception - the boat and water represent the journey, and the budding leaves on the wand symbolise the beginning of something new.

Media: Pen & ink drawing, combined with hand-drawn illustration in Photoshop.

Artist Bio: I am an artist & designer - inspired by people, emotions, dreams, water, music, life and tarot ... To me, art is as much about understanding life and its mysteries, as it is about telling stories to connect with the world. I am the artist behind Nine Lives Tarot, and the soon to be published Nine Lives Illustrated Playing Cards. I regularly exhibit my work, exploring both traditional and digital mediums.

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