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2 - The Clover

by Bat Chicken

Astrological Symbol Significance

Moon in Taurus

Taurus is a powerful fixed sign and loves stability both materially and emotionally. Consistency and slow change, like the weathering of stone are a comfort. The Moon's influence is what is kept hidden, unconscious, primitive. There is mystery at the center of a Taurus Moon, rooted in things old and rich in history.

Ill dignified: Tendency to stubbornness and jealousy, possessive and resistant to change.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

6 of Diamonds

Wait, optimism, new ideas dawning, improvement, help arriving at the 11th hour, in pursuit of clarity, being patient, good luck, wealth.

Artists Personal Symbol

Triple Spiral

The triple spiral seems to be mid-way through the process of morphing into a clover. The rich mystery that surrounds this symbol attracts me as well as the meanings that have followed it in Time - the triple Goddess, the Holy Trinity, its obvious connection with the Clover and perhaps even Luck itself. To me, it represents the process of change and creation - the end of one thing and the beginning of another.

Card Description

It is Winter Solstice at Newgrange in the Boyne Valley, Ireland. The Sun is about to rise and penetrate the mound - lighting up the passageway allowing ambient light to touch the triple spiral petroglyph. The place that receives the light is also the place from which it is born. The Ogham scales in the border spell 'Filleadh na Grine'. (Return of the Sun) to represent the place and the event that may have made it significant to those that built it - and certainly to many of us.

Card Interpretation

The Clover is represented by the Triple Spiral - a connection that has a long history for the Irish - a symbol of hope, luck and protection. The impact of the triple spiral glyph is evident by its absorption into all of the cultures that have encountered it - each giving it a meaning significant to its own beliefs. To the Christians, it was the Holy Trinity (hence it connection with the Clover since the early Celtic Christians); to modern pagans, the triple Goddess, and 'Earth, Sea and Sky'; to the Celts and to the builders of the mounds of the Boyne Valley, we cannot be certain. Some have speculated that because of the way the triple spiral is constructed, it is in fact, man woman and child. The theory comes from the fact that the third spiral is not integrated in the same way as the first two (to the right).

If you follow the spiral around, it actually turns in on itself to create 6 spirals, which perhaps by coincidence, connect it to its playing card association with the 6 of diamonds. The diamonds, too, appear as petroglyphs very gently in the lower background of the card. These diamonds are actual glyphs from the same monument. N.L. Thomas suggests that they are a representation of the passage of time. I like the idea that each symbol is one of Memory or a mnemonic for the shaman. The associations to astronomy seem undeniable, however, context can mean everything.

In a reading, the card may signify a concrete new beginning, hope and healing with the passage of time. There is a lot of feminine and fertility surrounding the symbolism in the card, perhaps indicating the coming of a creative woman into the life of the querent or a productive partnership. That person may bring an earthy practicality in a time of need. Depending on the surrounding cards, optimism is either required or expected. A little Mystery is often a good thing.


Wait, patience, hope, new beginnings, connection, unity, feminine, rebirth, womb of the Goddess, Mystery, Earth. The Goddess is awaiting the immanent birth of her Sun. From Darkness into Light. Traditional Name/Keyword: Wait.

Artistic Media

The symbols and petroglyphs on the card are drawn from photographic references and archaeological drawings of the stones at Newgrange in Ireland. They were first drawn in Adobe Illustrator, then the results were imported into Photoshop and onto a background photo of rich orange stone by Marlene DeGrood from From there, all kinds of fun and magic happened in Photoshop. Thanks to the folks at the Irish Gaelic Translator forum for the Irish translation of 'Return of the Sun', which offered the letters from which I built the ogham scales.

Artist's Bio

Bat Chicken lives on the very edge of the bush in Muskoka, Canada. She loves symbols and petroglyphs and loves to make things in many media. She is tracking Spirit and defies any definition at the moment!

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