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4 - Spirit House

by blackroseivy

Astrological Symbol Significance

Sun in Cancer

Cancers are a Water Sign, as are Picses and Scorpio.

Water signs in general have the traits of relying on emotions, being secretive, empathetic, and intuitive.

Cancer has the Moon as its ruler. Being manipulative can be a result of this. A hard shell over a soft underbelly is characteristic. This sign loves to have a home - its symbol carries its home on its back, after all. Wanting to have home and family is very much a part of the character of Cancer.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

King of Hearts

This is a man (fair-haired, possibly) who is intuitive and reliable, who has feminine characteristics.

Artists Personal Symbol

This is the old Hermetic symbol for "Winter". It has a connotation of shelter from the storm, with snow outside of a window. The stability of house and home is what is indicated here, along with the associations of being safe and warm. The number 4 is that of stability, of the building-blocks of life.

Card Description

This card is a rendering of the ancient manor house, Stokesay Castle, in Shropshire, the Welsh Marshes, England. It is beautiful and evocative and full of atmosphere. It surely is a haunted spot, as I felt when I took the picture. There is something about it that suggests mists and deep happiness and unhappiness.

The photograph was taken right around March, and the spring is beginning to bud out in the forests that are the backdrop of the card. The gables are so evocative of fairy-tale houses, and all things ancient and mysterious.

Card Interpretation

This card signifies stability, happiness, safety and sometimes confinement. Childhood connotations are also felt with this card. Achievement and "the good life".


Charles The Great

Artistic Media

The painting itself is done with gouache and ink, partly with a brush and partly with an airbrush.

Artist's Bio

Blackroseivy was born in Syracuse, NY in 1966. Her love of art started as soon as she was old enough to make marks on the paper that meant something. She is at work on a Tarot deck which is set for publication by summer 2007.

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