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6 - Clouds

by zannamarie

Astrological Symbol Significance

Jupiter in Pisces.


As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries boldly and adventurously takes action to head where it wants to go. The fiery sky is symbolic of the energy of this fire sign. The ram symbol represents the willingness to butt heads with what this card comes up against. The ram is not one to back down in a fight.

A traditional name for this card is Alexander II (or III depending upon the source) of Macedonia, who was also known as Alexander the Great. He is remembered for his military genius and his conquest of many lands and brings to mind the energy of Aries.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

King of Clubs

As befitting Alexander the Great, we have the leadership of a king. The King of Clubs is known to be a reliable friend, but independent.

Artists Personal Symbol

Two clouds, equal in size, one is black and the other is white. The black cloud appears dominant because it covers nearly half of the white cloud.

The two clouds together symbolize movement and change. Depending upon which way the wind blows and the atmospheric conditions that are present, clouds can either form and become darker, or dissipate and become lighter. The darker the cloud, the more it obscures the view of what is just on the other side of it. The darker cloud is to the right in the symbol to match the position of the darker clouds on card image.

Card Description

This is the evening western sky at sunset. The mountains are behind the viewer leaving a large open expanse visible to the west. The far horizon is mostly cloud-free but the near sky has many clouds. During sunset, there is a short period of time where the angle of the setting sun hits the underbelly of the clouds and lights the sky with a fiery orange glow. It highlights contours in the clouds that would not otherwise be noticed due to the minimal color contrast within the cloud.

Card Interpretation

Clouds are formed when water droplets aggregate in the atmosphere. As the droplet density increases, the clouds darken and block light from passing through them. This causes shadows on the ground below the cloud. This darkening often is a precursor to the storms that clouds can produce.

In a single card reading, this card can indicate that facts pertaining to the issue are hidden from view or may become hidden from view. The facts are clearly present as evidenced by the sun lighting the sky but the sun will soon be beyond the horizon leaving the situation under the cover of darkness. But do not despair, although it may take time as Aries is stubborn, the storm clouds will eventually burst and wash clean that which was hidden, or they will blow away in the wind. In either case, that which was hidden will again become visible. Notice in the card that there are a few small patches of blue sky visible representing hope as the darkness will not last forever.

In a multi-card reading, cards either above or to the right of Clouds will signify elements which are being cast into the shadow of the clouds. These elements may have an air of mystery or secrecy attached to them. They could represent something which might pop out unexpectedly from behind the clouds. Conversely, those cards to the right or below Clouds are elements that are coming into view.

If there are cards on both sides of Clouds (above and below, or to the right and to the left), the card to the left or below will be the element which helps shed light or uncover that which is mysterious on the card to the right or above. In this configuration, Clouds is a bridge to link the two cards on either side of it.


Enlightenment, clarity, shadowy, obscured, movement, change.

Artistic Media

Digital camera photograph from the artist's personal collection. This photograph was created while standing on the balcony of her home in northern Idaho, USA. Copyright zannamarie ~ May 2006. The photograph was cropped and compressed to fit the card dimensions using Microsoft Picture It! Express 7.0. Symbols and the borders were created and added also using Picture It! Express.

Artist's Bio

zannamarie resides in northern Idaho, far enough from the coast that the winter storms are snow and not rain. She loves traveling to photograph the colorful beauty of nature's artwork, and then sharing that art with others. She also enjoys unusual oracles and has been known to toss animal crackers for divination and then subsequently consume them.

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