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8 - Coffin

by Dancing Bear

Astrological Symbol Significance


Sadness, and a tendency to hold onto the past, are the Virgo traits related to this card. As a perfectionist, Virgos pay attention to minute details, seeking truth and facts. This ability can be a downfall at times, as they tend to scrutinise situations too deeply (looking below the surface of situations and people), which often leaves them unsatisfied.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

9 Diamonds

The influence of 9 of diamonds is the illusion that everything is okay. On the surface, the casket flowers give the illusion of beauty but underneath there is death. The 9 of Diamonds relates to a conman/rogue who cannot be trusted.

Artists Personal Symbol


The rose, often involves grief and death. Many people plant roses in their gardens, or place them upon a coffin or tombstone, in the memory of loved ones. It is the flower that expresses their love towards the passed-over, loved one. In this card the rose is wilted, depicting grief and the loss of a loved one, confidence, health, wealth, or friends. Often associated with dying love, the rose represents the emotions that go with the grief of loss. Yet, the rose can also represent a glimmer of hope.

Card Description

This card is set in a foggy, eerie place, at dusk. We may be familiar with this setting, especially in an emotional sense, as issues can sometimes appear clouded. There is a large, dark outline of a tree, with no greenery in sight. The past is represented by the tombstones; the present by the flower-covered coffin; and the future by the wilting rose.

Card Interpretation

This card represents our sorrow and grief over loss. A direct opposite to Virgo, there is an inability to see beyond the surface; to see the finer details, or seek the truth. There is an imbalance, as flowers are normally associated with beauty and happiness. Here they represent death, loss, grief and sorrow. The card asks us to see beneath the beautiful illusion of the roses, to address the pain and deal with the grief in order to help us see beyond our current situation. The old tombstones are still clearly visible, and felt within our memory. There is a need to bury the past completely to move forward.

Death is around the tree and the lack of greenery shows lifelessness. We need to adapt the Virgo quality (being able to see the finer detail) and look for the positive (the greenery and life). Sometimes we donít see it, but it is there - like finding a dormant green residing under the surface, when we cut into the bark of a tree that we once thought dead. This card prompts us to look beyond the surface. The future (wilted rose) could manifest if we do not heed the counsel of the card.


Grief, sorrow, loss, funerals, burying the past, looking beneath the surface. The closer to the querent, the more prominent the emotional aspects.

Artistic Media

The background tree and the tombstones (cropped from a larger image) are from a fantastic site As it was difficult to find a copyright-free coffin on the net, I convinced and received permission (from my local funeral director) to use the coffin image Ė with the stipulation that I send them a copy of the completed card . The roses on the coffin came from . The wilted rose was from a photograph of an original drawing of my own. The card was put together using Publisher and resized using Paint.

Artist's Bio

Dancing Bear is a Civil Celebrant specialising in Pet Funerals and wishes to venture into Funerals for our passed-over/loved ones of the Human kind. Dancing Bear is a Tarot and Oracle Lover, and at the best when intuitively reading, and is also an artist in any spare time.

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