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12 - Owls

by mooncat2

Astrological Symbol Significance

Saturn in Taurus

Saturn is the planet of restrictions, limitations, setbacks . He is the bringer of often painful life lessons that challenge our courage in facing fear and teach us patience, self-discipline and commitment. Saturn as Chronos - the duration of time . All in good time. This time will pass. A phase. In the fixed earth sign of Taurus the effects will be felt in practical and material affairs.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

Seven of Diamonds

Delays, dark thoughts, everyday problems that will be overcome in time. Perseverance. Warning against believing gossip, flippancy or taking risks with money, speculation, 'sure bets' and being jealous or envious of others situations.

Artists Personal Symbol

Night Owl

Freed from the restrictions of the daytime a lone Owl flies through the darkness of night using it's exceptional eyesight to hunt down it's prey. A time in the querent's life to look inward, to trust their own instinct , intuition and inner wisdom to find the answers.

Card Description

Two owls look out on the world through a gap in the side of an old farm shed.

Card Interpretation

The broken wall represents the practical, everyday problems which are weighing heavily on the querent's mind and which from their perception are limiting or delaying their progress in life. These situations create fear and worry because both material and emotional security are threatened.

The eyes of the Owls reflect patience and a quiet acceptance of their present circumstances. In their wisdom they are aware that it's the daylight hours, not the shed wall, that limits their movement and that in the natural passage of time they will be free to fly again. Meanwhile they rest and wait.

The Owls also symbolise the balance of the number two. The querent can be reassured that their problems will be overcome but may also need to be aware that what is happening in the outer world may be a reflection of a deeper, inner need . A signal to slow down and take some time out to rest and rejuvenate , a lesson in patience or overcoming fear.

The cards next to the Owls will give an indication as to the source of the problem. For example: with the Tree concerns about health...........with the Ring problems concerning marriage or a partnership.


Everyday problems, restrictions, delays, loss, worry, frustrations, hard work, self discipline, caution, gossip. v Patience, acceptance of present material circumstances, rest, reflection, meditation, trust in inner wisdom, change will come in time, wise solutions, an older couple.

Artistic Media

Photo collage. The wood planks are from a personal photo of an old shed on the farm. The Owl on the left is from a postcard purchased at the wonderful Hawk Conservancy at Andover in the UK. Many thanks for their generosity in allowing their images to be used. The other Owl is from a photo downloaded from a free photo internet site.

Artist's Bio

Mooncat2 lives on a farm on the North Island of New Zealand ,surrounded by family, nature and an assortment of animals. She loves all forms of divination but despite many years of studying and reading tarot never imagined she had the ability to actually be part of creating a deck. It is has proved to be an enjoyable, rewarding , and sometimes frustrating, experience.

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