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13 - Child

by tink

Astrological Symbol Significance


The Gemini glyph, could be interpreted as a gateway formed by twin pillars. What lies on the other side?

Curious, energetic and changeable Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, representing the Air element. They act on their thoughts with lightning speed and care little for consequences, believing: "I just have to try this, see if it works."

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

Jack of Spades

The Jack of Spades represents a very clever and witty child, or an immature and impractical person. With dark hair and full of spunk, these Jacks balk against authority, and love breaking rules. Very cunning and skilled liars, they tell selective truths with an impish grin. They pretend to obey and possess great acting abilities.

Artists Personal Symbol

Jack in the Box

The ' Jack in the Box' has entertained many for centuries. Jack secretly hides inside a tiny box and on turning the handle, will spring up unannounced. "Come out, come out," we cry. Then we are alarmed at Jack's entrance of terror and malicious pleasure, experiencing a mixture of fear and delight, then hysterical laughter.

Just like the Jack in the Box, we shape and build our lives around our thoughts and logical equations. Then, unable to move from weird patterns of our own creation, we become trapped by our perceptions. In the thinking stage we also have to make room for the irrational, the bizarre, and creating an eclipse between the past and the future. If we release our fear through laughter, our thoughts and feelings alter to allow creativity.

Card Description

The card depicts a young and awkward boy on his 13th birthday. Determined to try a gift, the impatient daredevil quietly whips through the door with his new pair of inline skates. He stops just out of sight from his family and without thinking, finds some materials to create a ramp. This child's mind is racing with new ideas, the feeling of power, and the freedom of flight and speed.

Despite his size, the child moves with great agility, his heart thumping as his body rises bravely off the ramp with lightning speed.

Card Interpretation

This child is young, highly-strung, loves to run, climb, ride, and do all sorts of active things. At home, he is always jumping or fidgeting and never stays still for too long. His individuality and self-expression is realized through personal actions of creativity.

As he matures, this young man would work well in a fast-moving, highly-pressured environment. He's not one for any type of repetitious routine. His quick mind is radar-like and he loves the material-world challenges. He can be very persuasive and with his magnetic charm, convince others that he knows what he's talking about.

The white picket fence reflects a child's innocence, but there is also irregularity and some disorder in its makeup. This child can't imagine anything failing and he hasn't stopped to consider the difficulties, or dangers in his jump. Nor taken the time to solve or work around them. He needs to find a base to calm his active mind.

This card has a two-fold interpretation. It can represent boosting one's confidence and self-esteem. "Don't believe you must be perfect or fully developed to try something new." On the other hand, Gemini's crave constant learning. The child could be an invitation to exchange passionate ideas and creative brainstorming or news unexpected. Beware of superficialities. They are adventurous thinkers.

The greater the breadth of knowledge, the easier it is to construct creative patterns and bring them into a meaningful whole. This child's desire is to find unity, by transcending his duality.

In order to overcome our problems, it is important to own, and let go of, our body's many anxieties and dramas. Meditation and regular exercise will help reconnect you to your power. Making an effort to converse with other people, will supply you with energy and physical motivation to reach and accomplish your goals. By uncovering a realization and growing with experience, we discover our problem's root source and transform to a new pattern of thought and action. Reversed these children can believe nothing and question everything. They can be sarcastic and unpredictable.


Magnetic, charming, opposites, spontaneous, brave, mischievous, unpredictable, highly-strung, two-faced, confident and self-assured, truth twisting, independent, creative within constrained parameters.

Artistic Media

Watercolor pencils and acrylic paint.

Artist's Bio

A self-taught artist, tink resides in Port Credit, Ontario, (in a town which has merged to become the larger City, Mississauga).

Painting children is one of her greatest pleasures. "I love capturing them unaware and in a special moment." Sometimes, these pictures are planned, and from several different photos. Sometimes they are spontaneous. Tink loves to paint with rich colors that stimulate the emotions and accent her message to others.

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