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14 - The Fox

by Draagonstorm

Astrological Symbol Significance

The Moon in Sagittarius

Learned and practiced behaviors, skill, and a sharp marksman, taking aim, resilience. The Moon in Sagittarius gives an idealistic, cheerful and optimistic overtone to your emotional disposition - candid, honourable, kindly and good-natured. You can become restless and nervous on occasion, and on impulse can 'up sticks' and move home without warning - possibly to foreign shores. You may intuitively be drawn to such subjects as religion, mysticism or social science. You are, by temperament, a natural teacher or preacher and at times you can to very prophetic. Philosophy, music and reading will have a soothing and therapeutic effect upon your nature.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

Nine of Clubs

Becoming closer to ones goal and desires, a step towards fulfillment, progress and movement, light at the end of the tunnel, focus, triumph, social involvement and enjoyment. Traditional Name/Keyword: Contentment.

Artists Personal Symbol

A one line hint at the face of a fox. No detail, just a hint. To guide the reading to look for more information beyond what is on the surface.

Card Description

A red fox creeping thru the woodland grasses, with a sparkle in her eye, and who knows what's on her mind. Take you mind outside the card, and maybe picture that chicken coop just beyond the woodland border.... yummmmmmmmmm!

Card Interpretation

The Fox - Cunningness and greed, agendas and deception, betrayal, tricksters. Be very vigilant and discreet. Moving forward with care, craftiness, and stealth. The wrong action or decision. Being clever and calculated.


Artistic Media

Digital art using PhotoShop 6. Most times I'll find a photo or photos that I can use as a kind of guide.. Shape more then anything else, not always, but yes, in the case of the fox, I used a photo for a guide. Then I crop the shape, pick a color that I feel is a median color to the overall color and fill in the shape with that color on a new/blank layer. I build up layers as I need them. As in the case of the fox the body is one layer, the eyes and some of the detail in the ears is another layer. For people, the layers can be 4 or 5, body, arms/legs, face, eyes/mouth/nose, hair and so forth. This fox was my first try at a digital animal.

The photo itself is never used in the final version!!! That layer is always deleted, it is used only as a guide as I work on the project.

Then using my 'WACOM STYLUS' (note: the mouse just will not cut it here), I'll first use the burn tool and what ever brush is appropriate, and start shading, creating texture, and so forth... from there it's what ever I need to do... airbrush, pen, pencil, more burn tool, dodge tool, filters etc.

Artist's Bio

DraagonStorm lives in the magickal fantasy land of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Where I'm not allowed to say any more about. Since what happens here, stays here. }) DraagonStorm is basically a self-taught artist, who has loved to draw for over a half a century now. I have been playing with digital art for about a decade, with a more serious study of digital art in the last year (2006).

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