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15 - Bear

by RaeBelle

Astrological Symbol Significance

Saturn in Sagittarius

A creative means to a goal and attainment, sharp discipline, strength of will and mind, and learning through life experience.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

10 of Clubs

Potential, new ideas and beginnings, creative, rumblings, purpose and focus, work and projects, enthusiasms, controlled energy, planning ahead regardless.

Artists Personal Symbol

A baby lop bunny was chosen to symbolize new beginnings, potential and enthusiasm. This baby lop has special meaning to the artist, as she was a pet that passed at a young age.

Card Description

With thick, insulating, translucent fur the polar bear is well suited to life surrounded by snow, ice, and water. The polar bear is aggressive and quickly assesses all other life as potential prey. The polar bear can be extremely dangerous as is it ranks as of the largest living carnivores. Cubs are generally born in pairs and stay with their mother for about two and half years.

This card depicts a mother polar bear with her young cub resting on hard packed snow. The cub is sprawled across its mother looking for something fun. The mother bear is resting, yet alert. Her mouth is opened slightly and her eyes are bright and active. She is scanning the surrounding area for any danger or prey. If she finds some prey, she may use this as a chance for her cub to receive another lesson in hunting. However if danger is on the horizon, she will defend her cub with any means necessary, even her own life.

Card Interpretation

The Bear is represented by both the mother bear and the cub in this card. Together the two bears represent the duality of the card, caution when dealing with others and luck through association with power. Individually the cards represent each aspect of this duality.

Alone, the cub represents new beginnings, potential and enthusiasm. The cub is young and full of life and energy; looking for adventure and fun and prepared to charge forth. With regards to the card's duality, cub represents the luck through association with someone (the mother bear) who has power and/or connections.

The mother bear separately represents caution, focus and persistence. She is looking out for any dangers that could befall her cub, and to a lesser degree herself. The mother bear represents the card's duality of, exercising caution when dealing with others and maintaining discretion (especially regarding personal affairs).


New beginnings, potential, energy, creativity, caution, discretion, duality, luck through persistence or association, discipline. Traditional Name/Keyword: New Beginnings.

Artistic Media

The picture of a polar bear with cub is from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's collection of public domain images and was created by Scott Schliebe. The image background is the paper pattern available in GIMP lightened. All image cropping and photo manipulation was performed by RaeBelle using GIMP.

Artist's Bio

RaeBelle lives near Philadelphia Pennsylvania in the United States with her wonderful husband and adorable rabbits. She enjoys reading, photography, organizing, solving problems, and spending time at home.

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