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17 - Storks

by Wings

Astrological Symbol Significance

Venus in Scorpio

Highlights intensity and passion.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

Queen of Hearts

Emotion and affairs from the heart, lucky in love and romance, creative and passionate, vulnerable and humanistic deep family ties. Embodies style, creativity, warmth, love, and is charismatic. Intuitive and compassionate.

Artists Personal Symbol

Card Description

A modern young woman pauses on a threshold, full of the confidence of youth and strength. The passing shadows of Storks pass over her body and rise up behind her. A scorpion gently rests on her right arm. A diamond heart adorns her breast and stands for purity and clarity.

Card Interpretation

Like the pattern of migrating Storks when this Queen is present the Querent is feeling the feeling the primal pull of deep emotions. Time for emotional honesty; are your needs for connection and physical well being being met? The Queen of Hearts will not be denied, the need for emotional well being is the longing to be in rhythm with life's cycles and seasons. The scorpion on her right arm is a symbol of the very real possibility of pain. Love and all its related emotions is perennial as the Spring and will continue to challenge us until we come to terms with its lessons and gifts. Self-confidence and self-control are the gifts she gives; passion is the key to connecting to what is alive in us.


Artistic Media

The card is is n acrylic painting on canvas , 32 x 20 inches, created for this project.

Artist's Bio

Anna Mills Raimondi has actively pursued the path of Art as a tool of transformation the past 30 years. This journey began in Florida in the 1960's and led to Kauai Hawaii in 1993 where she lives and runs a gallery in Hanapepe.

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