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19 - Tower

by tink

Astrological Symbol Significance

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury and Aquarius work very well together, revealing an intellectual with an airy quality of originality and independence. Together they unite common sense with a higher vision. They can be quite social and other times cold and withdrawn. They enjoy being around people who stimulate them mentally. Emotions are not their forte and emotional people tend to make them feel uneasy. They back away from the dramas in life and see things in a more global perspective. Their keen analytical mind seeks balance with the poetic and artistic side of their lives. They can be very sure of themselves and stubbornly hold onto their beliefs.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

Six of Spades

This is a very strong and powerful card and presents many challenges. It can take us from the heights of ecstasy to the depths of despair. There can be quite a struggle between the need to dream, to let matters flow and ebb, and the need to be realistic and practical. Self-awareness helps us to focus and bring information and intuition to bear on a solution. When we are not centered these two extremes can clash, collide, and create havoc in our lives. Be careful about speeding or getting in with bad company. You could find yourself in trouble with the law.

Artists Personal Symbol

The artist depicts a magical castle, a safe-haven in fairytales of old. Fairytales have been entertaining us for centuries, expanding our vision, and offering deep insights into human nature. They have given us the opportunity to look within; and in our solitude, heal and nurture our physical bodies and our shadow.

Fairytales, poems, songs, oracle cards, fiction novels, movies and TV shows have become so powerful, they've become 'landmarks in literature'. Some are so familiar, young and old can quote them. Many stimulate the imagination and teach us a magical world truly exists and parallels our everyday world.

Card Description

The Dutch windmill is an impressive old tower made of stone, brick or wood, with four great arms extended at its back. With its octagonal base, a combination of elements and spirit work to create a continuous whole. This 12th century giant looks comfortable in its surroundings and devotes its generating power to serving others. vThe artist painted this scene to capture high noon, a time when the Sun is poised between the threshold of light and dark, between warm and cool, balanced focus in fluctuating circumstances. In the background the tower's shadow depicts a cross. Swans are known in mythology and fairytales and are affiliated with Aphrodite, also known as Venus, the goddess of love. In Grail lore the Swan is symbolic of the fully enlightened being.

Card Interpretation

Human beings created towers and castles, the most ambitious building projects in our history, using their minds, talents, skills and willpower. Phallic-like, they were built to protect and defend during a time of corruption and war.

The windmill is capable of creating a harmonious and beautiful environment. A person who is characterized by the windmill is a unique individual whose view on life extends beyond personal desires and needs. They have keen insight into the deeper nature of humanity. When not living up to their potential, they will suffer upsets and disappointments. To find light in a dark room, all you have to do is flip the switch. Through our losses, we gain knowledge that will be benefit us later.

If this is your card, seek to perfect certain talents within yourself and find ways to manage your time and energy more efficiently. Hard times can be overcome by hard work and a good attitude. You need to use logic and reason toward realistic ends and enjoy creating a positive sense of order in your surroundings. Someday you may help others in a similar situation.

With the depth of understanding and breadth of imagination, coupled with manual skill and strength, we are looking at someone very powerful. They've learned to combine the past with the future so their creation appears deep, yet refreshingly different.


Powerful, radical, phallic, trapped in time, cold, corrupt, ageless, isolated, detailed, historical, fairytale, magic and make believe, proud, stubborn, independent, straight, direct, protective, conceited, thoughtless, bold, tolerant and hard, immortal, wise and witty.

Artistic Media

A mixed media of watercolor and acrylic paint.

Artist's Bio

A self-taught artist, tink resides in Ontario, in a town called Port Credit which has merged with other little towns in the area, to become a larger City, known as Mississauga. We must all believe in the powerful destiny of the human race; of history, evolution and the growth of our planet as well as the reality of magic in the universe.

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