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23 - Mice

by valeria

Astrological Symbol Significance

Mars in Leo

A god of war and a lion, what a combination! Defeat is not an option. Influence and leadership.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

7 of Clubs

Business decisions, influenced by the consultation of someone of the opposite gender, will fail. Trust only yourself. Seek professional advice but not professional involvement. A time of relying on the self - having patience and being even tempered. Beware of those with "hot headed" responses - it may indicate a rival. Traditional name/Keyword: Security Warning.

Artists Personal Symbol

Computer Mouse

I chose a computer mouse as my personal symbol for this card to bring attention to cyber-crime. While mice getting into a house and eating the food and damaging other things in a house is serious and sometimes invisible to inhabitants at first, cyber-crimes are a great deal worse and even more invisible to the victims until after the damage has been done. I know people who have had their identities stolen and it has taken YEARS to get things straightened out - as even now with these crimes on the forefront - the burden of proving innocence is on the victim. I have the computer mouse in the cat's mouth to show that knowing that these crimes are possible is the first step in protecting against them.

Card Description

A view into a lovely and clean home. The residents have taken great care to keep things in order inside and out. There are locks on the doors and windows, the house is cleaned every week. You wouldn't even know that a cat lives there if you don't see it. The people that live here have no idea they are infested with mice! One of the residents was just setting out cheese and crackers to have with her coffee when she was called away to the phone. While she is away, three of the many mice in her home have decided to check out the cheese and the contents of her mug.

Card Interpretation

There are several perspectives presented in this card. There is the perspective of the homeowner or victim, there is the perspective of the cat, and there is the perspective of the mice. So this card can have a range of meanings based on the context of the reading. Traditionally, the Mice card has been interpreted from the perspective of the victim, making it a negative card. That's because this card isn't just about theft, being worn down, or a breach of security, it's about these types of things happening and the victim being unaware of it.

While this is far from an ideal situation, hope remains. Mice leave signs - they are there for the finding if one is looking for them. The cat in this card is looking at the mice. If the victim were to notice the cat, he or she might become aware that something is wrong and discover the mice.

The cat has the cord of a computer mouse in its mouth, like a tail. This is meant to suggest vigilance when dealing with technology - more specifically - vigilance in online use. The cat having restrained the computer mouse in such a way, represents that steps that can be taken to protect victims from becoming preyed upon electronically.

Close to Querent: Return of that which has been lost.
Distant from Querent: That which has been lost cannot be recovered.
One of the first 3 cards: Criticism against Querent. Good intentions badly mastered.
Card next to a 'person': "Funny feeling" about them.


Robbery, theft, burglary, surveillance, worn down, tired, being taken advantage of.

Artistic Media

The card is a composition of "enhanced" digital photo collage created with Adobe Photoshop on an Apple iMac.

Artist's Bio

Valeria is a software/systems engineer by profession and has degrees in engineering and information technology. Her first experience with oracles was learning yarrow stick I- Ching and Elder Futhark runes. She is relatively new to card-based oracles, but as a child, she was an expert at catching mice in the house with a plastic bowl and garden gloves. This is the first oracle card she has designed.

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