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27 - Letters

by rainwolf

Astrological Symbol Significance

Moon in Aquarius.

This placement is somewhat balanced. Although emotion has difficulty in such a cool, aloof areas, it does have several advantages such as intuitiveness, inventiveness, and individuality. This is cool, calm, and collected--emotions that are held in check and under command. This will relate to letters as explained next.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation


a message--in written form--the relevence of the news is found in the surrounding cards.

Artists Personal Symbol


Card Description

Four envelopes containing letters in dissaray. Gray clouds. A spade in an eye. Aquarius embossed on a moon.

Card Interpretation

This card depends on those surrounding it to give full meaning. The letters signify a message of any sort, business changes, and important statements made, all of which context's depend on surrounding cards. The clouds signify emotions reacting in ways the letters are causing chage. The spade in the eye causes uneasiness and compliments the astrological symbol.


Artistic Media

Graphics editted by

Artist's Bio

rainwolf is a student studying biological sciences at UCD, studying tarot in spare time.

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