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28 - Young Man

by blackroseivy

Astrological Symbol Significance

Elemental sign of Water

Water signifies the emotions and the Unconscious. Water can be emotional, secretive, empathic and intuitive; it is the undercurrent of life, and necessary to survival.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

Ace of Hearts

The genesis of a new thing; a birth, the start of a love affair; good news; relatives.

Artists Personal Symbol

The symbol for Male to the Alchemists, it is Mars' arrow denoting masculinity.

Card Description

This is a painting of a man whom I know, who has a nature many see as saintly; so he is painted as an icon. This portrays a certain spiritual & symbolic side of human nature. The icon itself is of Angass mac Oge, who is the Celtic God of love; he is surrounded by butterflies, who are his messengers.

Card Interpretation

This card is a man in the querent's life, or if the querent is male, possibly the querent himself. Next to the woman, he is her lover or husband; next to other cards, he might be a good or a bad influence in the querent's life or if he is the querent, he may be about to have either good luck or a trial. Next to the house, he is home, for example; next to the whip, either he punishes or is punished.


New Beginnings.

Artistic Media

The painting itself is oil on wood with silver leaf and gold leaf, gemstones and crystals. The background is computer-generated from butterfly clip-art & a real sky.

Artist's Bio

Blackroseivy was born in Syracuse, NY in 1966. Her love of art started as soon as she was old enough to make marks on the paper that meant something. She is at work on a Tarot deck which is set for publication by summer 2007.

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