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30 - The Lily

by Lillie

Astrological Symbol Significance

The Sun in Libra.

The symbol of Libra is that of a pair of perfectly balanced scales, and is the only zodiac sign symbolised by an inanimate object.

This image is a visual representation of the ideals of the sign, it's striving for the virtues of balance, justice and harmony. Libra attempts to see all sides of a problem and find a solution that is fair to all parties. This sign, therefore, is often connected with the concepts of justice and judgment.

A fundamental part of Libra is the concept of perfect union. One person alone is incomplete and can be balanced only by their counterpart, the two together becoming whole. Libra, therefore, symbolises the union of male and female, both in the mundane relationships of individuals and also in the esoteric sphere of the alchemists 'chemical wedding' where opposite forces are combined into a perfect and harmonious whole.

When ill dignified Libra can be imagined as a pair of scales that are unbalanced, or which are swinging wildly. In practice this would be the inability to reach a decision, considering so many sides of a problem that a solution becomes impossible, or even unwanted, for the examination of the evidence becomes the purpose in itself.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

King of Spades.

In cartomancy the King of Spades invariably represents an individual whose physical characteristics are those of an older man of dark colouring. The personality traits associated with

This card are those of a person who is cold, opinionated, logical, stubborn and ruthless. This person is often characterised as a man in a position of authority such as a judge, lawyer or policeman but it can signify anyone who is in a position of power over another.

Ill dignified the King of Spades indicates a person who would abuse their power and position for gain.

Artists Personal Symbol

The lily symbol relates directly to my name, Lillie; and I have often used this symbol as a signature for art and craft projects.

Therefore on this card it works in three ways. As my own name and signature; as the title of the card; and as the six pointed star of balance, harmony and union.

Card Description

Within a crystal globe a pure white lily floats, delicately balanced on the surface of clear blue water.

The Lily has long been a symbol of purity and the formation of the six petals mirror the form of the six pointed star, symbol of the union of male and female, the reconciliation of opposites.

The flower floats upon the water and within the sphere as an image of balance and harmony. Only the most gentle and careful movement would not disturb that balance and drown the flower.

Card Interpretation

The Lily is primarily a pleasant card denoting happiness and contentment with life. It is, however, a card that is very sensitive to its position in the spread and the surounding cards, just as an individuals happiness depends upon their situation and the people they interact with.

If The Lily is above the querent all is well; but if below, it denotes unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

Traditionally The Lily relates to virtue, to the personal life of the questioner. If well positioned it tells of a happy and virtuous life, but if ill dignified it indicates the loss of reputation, a fall from grace and consequent misery. This meaning seems to be based upon the lilies reputation as a flower of innocence and virginity. The loss of which, for a woman at least, was only acceptable through the institution and union of marriage.

In this sense the card appears to show how the querent is judged by society, whether they are seen to live according to societies rules, or if they fall below the standards that are set for them. This would indicate that the card's meaning includes, in part, the idea of perception, of how one is seen, rather than how one really is.

In more recent times The Lily has been associated with business matters, the growth and flowering of job and career. As before, it is dignified by it's position in the spread and the cards that surround it.

The Lily has also been seen as a card of illness, a harbinger of death, especially when found in conjunction with The Coffin.


Happiness, virtue, flowering, growth, but a warning that society is watching and will judge any breach of propriety. If the flower is to be acceptable to society then it must bloom within societies constraints.

Artistic Media

Created using Paint Shop pro 8. The lily is a photograph taken from stock.xchng, where the photographer, Lady Austin, made it available for use by anyone. My thanks to her.

Artist's Bio

Lillie likes making things and has recently discovered the joys of making art on the computer.

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