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31 - The Sun

by Keigh

Astrological Symbol Significance

Element of Earth

Fruitful and bountiful, structured and settled, long term growth, wealth and riches, happy retirement.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

Ace of Diamonds

A message of prosperity, prosperity on the form of paper, connections with money. A profitable venture. Excellent results. Long term agreements (marriage) and matured investments.

Artists Personal Symbol


The spiral represents the cycle of life, from seed to bloom and back to seed again. The spiral encourages you to view your life holistically and to enjoy the journey as well as the moment that you are in.

Card Description

A sunflower in full bloom turns to face the sun to soak up its life giving energy and vitality. The sunflower is full of seeds and represents prosperity and wealth. From the planting of a single seed, you can reap the benefits of many.

Card Interpretation

Happiness, good luck and prosperity, joy of life. Positively aspected.

Near the Querent: The Querant is encouraged to use his talents and skills, to further his credibility and finances. Saving money now will be beneficial for the future.
Distant from Querent: Focus on the long-term. Goals will be attained, but you will need to stay on track as this is a lengthy process.


Happiness, money, prosperity, long-term partnership (marriage), attainment, satisfaction.

Artistic Media

Artist's Bio

Keigh is a budding digital artist whose first foray into divination occurred at a young age with a Lenormand fortune telling deck. She resides on a lovely island in the Pacific Northwest with her family where she reads oracle and tarot for clients, family and friends.

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