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32 - The Moon

by Lillie

Astrological Symbol Significance

Saturn in Pisces

The last of the classical planets in the final sign of the zodiac. Saturn, planet of time, and of age, guardian of the gate into the otherworld is placed in Pisces, the mutable water sign, changeable, adaptable and indecisive, the deep moving waters of the subconscious. Together they signify the boundary where land and water meet, that insubstantial threshold where stand doorways into other, unknown worlds.

Saturn in Pisces represents a synthesis of both planet and sign; the down to earth practicality of Saturn is softened and blurred by the waters of Pisces; the dissolving, uncertain qualities of Pisces are strengthened and grounded by the heaviness of Saturn. This creates a combination of the practical and the spiritual that takes the harsh realities of life and transmutes them into lessons for the evolution of the soul.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

8 of Hearts

The 8 of hearts is a happy card, denoting a gift that is earned. This gift can be seen in two ways. In the first it is a physical gift, an award for work well done. The second type of gift could be seen as a talent, an ability, like music or art, that has been practiced until one has earned all the skills that one possesses, and the inborn gift has been transmuted into a powerful ability.

This card also represents friendship, the support of others and peace in times of strife.

Artists Personal Symbol


The lillie is my name and my signature. The pure white Lily has also been considered a flower representative of the purity of the silver moonlight.

Card Description

The card shows a full moon hanging in a starry sky above the boundary between the sea and land. The dark sea of the subconscious swells beneath a checkered platform representing the duality of existence. The platform is separated from the sea by a decorative iron rail indicating the borderland between the known and unknown worlds. Upon the platform a brazier burns hot in the night and beside it a woman stands, she is wrapped in a hooded cloak and carrying a staff, both symbolic of a seeker after wisdom. Her face is pale and still, her attention turned inward as though she does not feel the heat of the brazier beside her and draws all her energy form the moon above, this shows that the pleasures and needs of the physical world are subordinate to the powerful pull of the unknown, the search for a reality beyond the known world.

Card Interpretation

The moon represents recognition and respect, in a reading the closer it is to the querent the greater the recognition. As the moon reflects the sun's light onto the earth during the night so does this card reflect the light of honour bestowed upon the querent for their talents and abilities.

This also includes the concept of self respect, the ability to recognise ones own talents, ones own self worth.

The moon also represents inner knowing and psychic understanding, the search for truth in a world of mysteries and the exploration of the deep waters of the subconscious mind.

If this card is far from the querent, or if the light of the moon is hidden, it indicates that the questioner will go unknown and unrecognised, their talents unrewarded. For the seeker of knowledge it would mean that their quest was far from it's conclusion and that enlightenment is, at the present time, hidden from them.

As the moon waxes and wanes, grows, diminishes and grows again in the night sky, so does the honour and respect of ones peers. This cycle is repeated throughout all aspects of life. All that is born will grow and die and become new growth to continue the cycle. This is the fundamental truth represented by the moon, that life is a cycle, a wheel upon which we all turn as we search for meaning and the wisdom to make sense of it all.


Honour and respect, light and darkness, giving and receiving, A search for inner wisdom, exploration of the subconscious, psychic dreams, a gift of affection.

Artistic Media

Done on the computer using Paint Shop Pro8.

Artist's Bio

Lillie likes making things and has recently discovered the joys of making art on the computer.

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