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33 - The Key

by faerylvr

Astrological Symbol Significance

Sun in Virgo:

This is a detailed oriented person who is good with intricacies, planning, development, fine details and fine print. This person makes a good employee.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

8 of Diamonds

Good fortune related to money and prosperity, achievement through practical organization and approach, a healthy outcome, the finishing line in sight.

Artists Personal Symbol


The lock represents that which may be an obstacle or stand in the way of what is trying to be reached. All goals have some sort of obstacles, the key of course is to help overcome those obstacles, but one cannot be so focused as to forget about them. As The Key is there to open doors and portals, so sometimes, is the lock their to remind us that there are some things we must strive harder for.

Card Description

The card is based in purple, the majestic color of magic and wonderment. Two infinity signs are seen above and below the key showing the true nature of the key as something that will open new and lucrative things. The Key itself is the focal point, lying horizontal to help show the path. The key is surrounded by bay leaves, as if hidden within. Jungle vines outline the borders and show the ropes to good judgment.

Card Interpretation

The Key - represented by a skeleton key, that which unlocks all - represents the doors and portals that may seem to remain locked, but that with perseverance and attention to detail will open up. It tells the person currently in possession to find the right lock and the world will open for them.

Hidden behind bay leaves, the key is there for all who would seek it. It rests within the leaves, nestled there, yet shining its golden color through so that all who are looking may find. The key is there to help those seeking get through locked doors and find that which they are looking for. Balanced against the majestic and magical background of a purple that brings light and energy, the key is there to bring magic to the seeker.

The two infinity signs show the seeker that there are infinite possibilities available to them. Choosing one door does not eliminate other, simply brings more into view for them. Possibility upon possibility is there, for the person who chooses to take them.


Artistic Media

Computer generated using Corel Painter X

Artist's Bio

Faerylvr lives in California with her husband and two boys.

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