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35 - The Anchor

by mooncat2

Astrological Symbol Significance

Mars in Gemini

Strong mental activity. Resourceful, versatile, busy, communicative, thrives on variety and change. Gemini rules the hands and arms.

Easily bored, unwilling to commit, scattered energy.

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

9 of Spades

The end of how things have been, wipe-out, change due to upheaval, resistance, being denied, rejection, stress, abandonment, loss. Everything new. Fresh start available.

Artists Personal Symbol


An image of an anchor as a guide for the reader to the card title. Symbol of faith, hope and that which holds one firm and steady through the storms of life.

Card Description

The card depicts what appears to be a mature tree but which is actually two trees. Twenty five years ago a small piece of native Pohutakawa was grafted onto the side of a newly planted tree as an experiment. Over the years the 'Gemini' tree has thrived and grown until now the two have become one with their branches and roots closely entwined. Within the branches can be seen the transparent clasped hands of an adult and a child.

Card Interpretation

The roots of the tree sink deep into the earth providing both a strong foundation and nourishment for the tree's growth. They represent those things in the querent's life that provide a sense of safety and security both materially and emotionally.

This card indicates change which threatens that stability. A need to move on, to leave behind what is comfortable, valued and loved, the severing of ties from a job, family and community to travel into the unknown.

Change in life is inevitable as are the feelings of loss and regret for what is being left behind but a willingness to accept the situation and move forward with a positive and optimistic attitude will help the transition.

In other situations it may reflect the opposite. Committing to the growth of a project or relationship that requires putting down roots or settling down.

The hands represent the spiritual world and a loving presence into whose hand we can place our own . A strong spiritual belief, a guide or guardian angel who can be trusted to lead us through troubled times.

The active energy of Mars combined with airy, communicative Gemini is also reflected in the hands. A way of communicating that goes beyond the spoken word and is universally understood.

The clasped handshake position of the hands can be interpreted in many ways and shows the diverse and often opposing meanings of this card. A greeting or a farewell, a congratulatory gesture, a commitment, a helping, supporting or guiding hand.


Work and career prospects, security, stability, success. Holding fast. Safe harbour. Putting down roots, commitment, support, hope. Inevitable change, endings, new beginnings, loss, uprooting, adrift. Emotional ties, love, spiritual belief.

Artistic Media

Computer generated using Corel Painter X

Artist's Bio

Mooncat2 lives on farm in the North Island of New Zealand surrounded by the things she loves, friends, nature, animals, books and tarot cards.

With love she dedicates the Anchor to her mother who passed away on March 26, 2007.

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