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38 - Joker of Summer

by Elven

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation


The Joker may pop up anywhere in the spread but has a significant message relating to the surrounding cards.

Artists Personal Symbol

The Starfish - the starfish represents suppressed emotional inner happiness surfacing to see the sunshine of life. Acknowledgement of life's gifts and the wonder of the human spirit and nature. Balance and symmetry. Feelings of be able to free float or drift through this part of life. High tide.

The Sun - light comes to a dark situation penetrating through all life's obstacles and giving warm and support to your plans and dreams. Sustenance.

Card Description

Near the Water's edge, a child sits making sand castles in the sand on a Summers day. At the ocean shore he is being watched by a star fish.

Card Interpretation

Seasonally, the Joker represents Summer and a span of time where life can be enjoyed and celebrated, where rewards from hard work are actualized and a sense of completeness and fulfilment abounds. p>It is a time which supports a sunny disposition, uplifted emotions and attitudes, rest and play, holidays, celebrations and recreational pastimes. Emotionally - this is a time of stability, happiness, contentment, and sharing life and its bounty with others.
Physically - a time of wellbeing and wholeness. Recovery completed. Sunshine and hotter climates, seasonal adjustments and an absence of stressful situations.
Spiritually - a time of peace, harmony and consistency.
Caution - Beware of overdoing things .... sun stroke, being unwell from over-indulgences, heat rashes, burnout - being washed up.


Seasonal timing, pleasure, joy, realisation of manifestations, grace, height of the season, splendour. When associated with another card, appearance in the Spread denotes:
Timing = Seasonal Summer
Prior Card: Sunny Expectations and Outlook
Following Card: Happy Memories, continued success
Card Above: Unexpected outcome - happy occasion.
Card below: Personal happy disposition and positive outlook.
Main Card: Highlights closest surrounding cards with sunshine / more light.
Caution: Fire burns, burn-out, heated, stifling, temper and emotions out of control.

Artistic Media

Hand drawn on cardboard. Black and coloured markers with pencil.

Artist's Bio

Elven resides in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, and is a professional Tarot and Oracle reader, jewellery maker and artist.

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