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39 - Joker of Autumn

by zannamarie

Playing Card Symbol Interpretation

In a card game, he can replace any card. Here, he will enhance the cards around it.

Artists Personal Symbol

The Earth

The earth titled on its axis. The earth is always titled on it's axis but during autumn we are on the side of the tilt that is further from the sun. I feel that tilt as the days noticeably shorten and summer fades to winter. Autumn is a time of transition.

Card Description

This joker is playing a joke and pretending to be a tree. He covered his hands with leaves and is standing against a tree in an attempt to merge his body with the tree trunk. In an attempt at camoflauge, he attached leaves to his hat and shoes. The tree is in a myriad of colors as it displays its fall splendor.

Joker symbol (upper right) : Joker's face on a stamp.

A joker's head is cropped in the shape of a postage stamp. You never know where the joker's face might show up.

Season Symbol (lower right): A leaf.

A photo depicting fall leaves completely covering the ground is cropped in the shape of a leaf. Autumn is the time of year the leaves change color and fall to the ground.

Card Interpretation

Autumn is the transition from summer to winter when the tilt of the earth's axis changes so one progresses further from the sun and the length of the days shorten bringing cooler temperatures. The temperature change causes leaves to color and fall off trees.

This card represents that things might not actually be as they seem from a quick glance. This joker is not a tree nor part of a tree. The leaves are not falling from the tree because the tree is dying; the tree is changing phase.

In a single card reading, this card can indicate there is more to the situation than what is revealed by a first glance. Look deeper to see simple details that might otherwise be overlooked.

When associated with another card, imagine the image on the other card changes form slightly just as the leaves change color in autumn. Read the card using the new form. If the card is one of a serious nature, consider a meaning less serious as the joker likes to play jokes and obscure the truth.


Transition, change, more than meets the eye.

Artistic Media

Main image is hard and soft pastels on medium weight paper. It was photographed and cropped and compressed to fit the card dimensions using Microsoft Picture It! Express 7.0. The globe and leaf are photos distributed with Corel Wordperfect 10. They and the joker's head were cropped and added to the card using Picture It! Express. The numbers and borders were created and added also using Picture It! Express.

Artist's Bio

zannamarie resides in northern Idaho, far enough from the coast that the winter storms are snow and not rain. She loves traveling to photograph the colorful beauty of nature's artwork, and then sharing that art with others. She is also learning to make colorful art with pastels and colored pencils. She enjoys unusual oracles and has been known to toss animal crackers for divination and then subsequently consume them.

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