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Shape-Based Spreads

Tarot spreads based around a particular shape.

Elemental Pentagram and Sword spreads
Out on a limb spread
The car spread
A summer storm spread
The gift spread
Arrowhead Spread
The Bathtub spread
Happy Smiley spread
Upside-down tetractys spread
The Juggler's Connundrum spread
Herbal Spread
Four Sides of the Triangle Spread
Steps of Knowledge
Pillars of thought
The Egg Spread
For those of you w/Mermaid tarot
Another "star" spread
Pyramid spread
Phoenix's Pyramid of Change
Wings of the Phoenix
pozt's problem solving spread
Spiral Spreads
Ladder to Heaven, Chute to Hell
Bird spread
Pearl Necklace spread
"Tip of the Iceberg" spread
Anyone heard of this "sword" spread?
Pollux's Star of David Spread
The Ankh Spread
Thirteen's Starlight Spread
How do you open your readings
Horse shoe spread
Horseshoe Spread
Simple Horseshoe Spread

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