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The Chicken Qabalah of Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford  Open in New Window

An unusual and humurous look at the usually dry topic of the Qabalah, the Jewish mystical system that has influenced many tarot decks.

The Complete New Tarot  Open in New Window

The Complete New Tarot is the companion book that explains the theories and background to the Tarot in de Herstelde Orde, the Restored Order Tarot.

The Complete Tarot Reader  Open in New Window

The Complete Tarot Reader: Everything You Need To Know From Start To Finish is a self-study system for learning the Tarot and developing a personal understanding of the cards.

The Devil, the Lovers, and Me: My Life in Tarot  Open in New Window

The Devil, the Lovers, and Me: My Life in Tarot is a fast-moving, immensely readable, and comedic autobiographic memoir that showcases the Tarot as a serious tool for personal growth and self-discovery.

The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot - Ever!!  Open in New Window

'The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot - Ever!!' was written to make the process of learning to read tarot cards simple, easy and fun. It's a breezy, positive workbook for complete beginners to start their journey with tarot.

The Fool Loves ... Journeying  Open in New Window

The Fool Loves ... Journeying - An Imagination Primer is the companion book for Jordan Hoggard’s independently produced deck, the 78 card Mystereum Tarot.

The Forest of Souls  Open in New Window

An innovative look at tarot through myth and story. Open pathways to transformational experiences, break down boundaries and explore possibilities through poems and meditations, exercises, rituals and invocations.

The Game of Life  Open in New Window

The Game of Life is centered around Leary's idea that the tarot trumps represent the stages of growth that humanity is going to experience not just individually, but as a species. It's an unconventional and quirky, but thought-provoking, book on tarot.

The Heart of the Tarot: The Two-card Layout  Open in New Window

The Heart of the Tarot: The Two-card Layout is a gentle guide on how to best put the Tarot to use. The book looks at the theme of each card - the energy that it carries, and how it fits into a reading - and the use of a two-card spread (a cut down version of the Celtic Cross).

The Kabbalah Tree  Open in New Window

'The Kabbalah Tree: A Journey of Balance and Growth' is a resource for all levels of Tarotists, as well as Kabbalists. Written by Rachel Pollack in conjunction with Hermann Haindl, of the Haindl Tarot it explores and increases understanding of the Tree of Life.

The Last Troubadour  Open in New Window

The Last Troubadour: Song of Montsegur is a fiction novel set against the background of 13th century Europe, and combining humor, mystery and history. Tarot is an important part of the story - each major character is an archetype from the Tarot. The book is the first of a trilogy.

The New Tarot Handbook  Open in New Window

The New Tarot Handbook is from well-known Tarot author, Rachel Pollack. Intended for the newer reader who is looking for a deeper awareness to the cards' meaning, mythology and symbolism.

The Path of Nine Stars  Open in New Window

The Path of Nine Stars combines the world of Tarot with the world of Feng Shui. Best for those with a solid background in Tarot already.

The Rabbi's Tarot  Open in New Window

The Rabbi's Tarot: Spiritual Secrets of the Tarot covers each of the major arcana and their links with the Hebrew perspective. A good reference book, designed to deepen understanding of the esoteric foundations of the tarot.

The Recovery Spiral: A Pagan Path to Healing  Open in New Window

The Recovery Spiral: A Pagan Path to Healing is not written for Tarot readers, but is of interest to those who take the psychological approach to interpretation.

The Renaissance Origins of Tarot  Open in New Window

The Renaissance Origins of Tarot is an educational resource on the history of tarot. Giovanni Pelosini describes the tarot as an adaptation of Eastern card games and a Renaissance creation of cultural models of the time.

The Secret of the Tarot  Open in New Window

In The Secret of the Tarot, Robert Swiryn shows how the Marseilles Tarot may have come to carry the story of the Cathars, a thirteenth century sect of religious heretics.

The Soul's Journey  Open in New Window

The Soul's Journey: Finding Spiritual Messages in the Tarot is a deep but accessible book from author, James Ricklef. Inside, he comprehensively covers the spiritual meaning of each of the 78 cards, linking each with references from spiritual texts from around the world. It's a tarot text, and also a bibliomantic tool.

The Story of the Waite-Smith Tarot  Open in New Window

The Story of the Waite-Smith Tarot tells the history of the deck best known as the Rider-Waite Tarot. It's also the story of the world of Tarot in the twentieth century, and the world of Tarot publishing. Now available from the Association of Tarot Studies.

The Tao of Tarot  Open in New Window

In "The Tao of Tarot: The Way to Health, Happiness and Spiritual Illumination through Qigong Dreaming", tarot is combined with the body/mind practice of Spiral Qigong and the imagery of dreamtime. The book takes the reader through a series of initiations that move them through their spiritual and psychological growth.

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