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Tarot for the Healing Heart  Open in New Window

Tarot for the Healing Heart: Using Inner Wisdom to Heal Body and Mind presents Tarot as a tool for healing through card meditations, visualisations and psychological techniques.

Tarot for the New Aeon  Open in New Window

Tarot for the New Aeon: A Practical Guide to the Power and Wisdom of the Thoth Tarot doesn't just tell you about the esoteric side of the Thoth Tarot cards, but is a straight-forward book about using the cards as a tool for empowerment.

Tarot for Writers  Open in New Window

Tarot for Writers helps writers use the tarot cards to inspire their creativity, brainstorm, overcome writers' block, structure a story and more. There's also info on tarot and its symbolism for those who are new to using the cards with their writing. From Corrine Kenner, who also wrote Tarot Journaling.

Tarot for your Future  Open in New Window

Tarot for your Future is a large hardcover book that explains Sandra Pendle's multiple-spread tarot reading method. The book includes card meanings and sample readings as well as the spreads. It's pitched at beginners to advanced, though the spreads are large and can be time-consuming.

Tarot for Your Self  Open in New Window

The original tarot workbook for personal transformation by Mary Greer. Get to know your tarot cards and your self through these visualistions, spreads, meditations and rituals.

Tarot Handbook  Open in New Window

The Tarot Handbook is a practical, informative and well-written introduction to using Tarot cards by German author, Hajo Banzhaf.

Tarot Insights  Open in New Window

Tarot Insights takes a psychological, therapeutic and problem-solving approach to using the Rider-Waite Tarot cards. While intended for beginners, it has much to offer even more experienced readers.

Tarot Journal  Open in New Window

The Tarot Journal is an elegant spiral-bound, hardcover journal. It is 9" by 12" inches in size and has 22 blank spread pages and 256 blank card stickers. It's been well thought-out to be a useful and attractive record for tarot readings.

Tarot Journaling  Open in New Window

Tarot Journaling is designed to help you learn more about yourself, as well as the cards, through journaling. It has hundreds of ideas, tips and techniques on creating, keeping and preserving your own personal tarot journal.

Tarot Kit for Beginners  Open in New Window

The Tarot Kit for Beginners has a friendly, basic guide to Tarot written by Janet Berres - who founded the International Tarot Society - and also includes a set of the Universal Tarot cards.

Tarot Mirrors  Open in New Window

Tarot Mirrors is a highly recommended learning resource from the author of Tarot For Your Self, Mary K. Greer. The information-packed book focuses on using Tarot for personal transformation.

Tarot Mysteries  Open in New Window

Tarot Mysteries: Rediscovering the Real Meaning of the Cards is an exploration of the theory of tarot - history and background of the Tarot, its associations with Qabala, astrology and more - and its concrete application in reading.

Tarot of the Holy Light: A Continental Esoteric Tarot  Open in New Window

Tarot of the Holy Light: A Continental Esoteric Tarot is the first of two companion volumes for Christine Payne-Towler's Tarot of the Holy Light. This volume lays out the foundations for historical European tarot traditions.

Tarot Outside the Box  Open in New Window

Tarot Outside the Box is by Valerie Sim, creator of the Comparative Tarot list and method. Her book, suitable for beginners to advanced readers, emphasises the use of different decks and Tarot as a creative tool.

Tarot Prediction  Open in New Window

Tarot Prediction: An Advanced Handbook of Images for Tomorrow uses the imagery of the Prediction Tarot for a better understanding of the Qabalistic assocations of tarot cards.

Tarot Readings: The New Paradigm  Open in New Window

Tarot Readings: The New Paradigm introduces Jennifer Reynolds' new system of definitions and card combinations for reading the cards. The reference book is also illustrated with images from the Robin Wood Tarot.

Tarot Secrets  Open in New Window

Tarot Secrets is a simple beginner's book helping the novice start reading the cards straight away. It covers choosing a deck, spreads, upright and reversed meanings, theories of tarot's origin, and shortcuts to learning the cards.

Tarot Shadow Work: Using the Dark Symbols to Heal  Open in New Window

Tarot Shadow Work presents Tarot as a tool for dealing with the shadow, or unconscious, sides of the psyche.

Tarot Spreads  Open in New Window

In Tarot Spreads, tarot expert Barbara Moore offers nearly 70 themed spreads, as well as teaching how to modify spreads and design your own spreads. She also covers extra techniques, such as moving cards, working with pairs, or multiple decks.

Tarot Spreads, Threads, and Mandalas  Open in New Window

Tarot Spreads, Threads, and Mandalas helps you get to know the cards in new and interesting ways, through spreads, exercises, stories and mandalas.

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