Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit

The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Toolkit is the companion book to Tori Hartman's Chakra Wisdom Oracle deck, and features the full text behind the fables illustrated in the deck.

By Tori Hartman · Book, eBook - 224 pages · Published by Watkins

Review by Mythic Silence

Hartman’s book is arranged into a 52 week journey of self-discovery with her fables. For all but three weeks of the program, there is a fable to focus on for the week. On Mondays you are invited to read the fable, record your impressions, and set your intentions for the week. On Tuesdays you are encouraged to reflect upon the color associated with the fable. Wednesdays feature journaling prompts, Thursdays offer ideas for solo and group activities concerning the fable’s theme, and Fridays present a meditation. Saturdays and Sundays are “days off” for reflection.

One of the weeks that does not feature a fable is a week for reflection on the lower Chakras before moving on to the higher ones. I found this very thoughtful because if you worked in the time table outlined by the author you would be 23 weeks into the program and a review would be quite beneficial. The other weeks that do not have a fable are the first and last weeks of the program.

The Friday meditations are expanded versions of the ones in the oracle deck’s companion booklet, so there are a few more details to work with or some additional introspective questions. I liked these fleshed out versions of the meditations, but I do think it is worth noting that they are not entirely new.

That being said, Hartman’s full length book is a terrific additional companion to the oracle since it expands on many ideas in the deck. Even if you are not interested in the 52 week series of activities, getting the entire fable is very helpful for working with the cards. Many of the fables in the deck’s booklet felt awkward or incomplete in their abridged version, and getting the whole story adds a great deal of clarity. However, you do not need to own both products to glean useful insights – they each work well on their own. Full color images of the cards appear next to the fables in the book, and exercises that utilize the cards direct you to Hartman’s website where you can access the cards virtually if you do not own a hard copy of the deck.

Hartman covers a lot of ground in this book. She explores how your choices affect your life and how you create meaning from your experiences. She discusses how your perceptions affect your reality, and encourages you to contemplate your patterns of thinking and behavior. In this book you will be prompted to consider what you hold on to out of fear, what you truly desire, how various aspects of your life may be affected by familial connections, and much more.

Although I did not resonate with all of Hartman’s perspectives, I found a great deal of useful information to ponder. For example, in the discussion of victimhood, one of the statements I found quite thought provoking was: “Ask yourself – ‘Am I waiting for someone else to fulfill a promise I intuitively know they’ve no intention of keeping – just to prove that promises to me are broken?’” (p 108).


I was pleased with the editing as well as the physical quality of this book. The paper has a colored tint on the pages with fables printed on them, much like the oracle deck’s booklet. This aesthetic detail makes the book delightful to hold and flip through.

Target Audience:

You do not need to be an expert on Chakras or any other system in order to work with Hartman’s exercises. This book is very accessible and welcoming, and it may provide just the right tools and prompts for someone interested in self-development and exploration. Hartman’s book is well suited to a sensitive audience that resonates with positive and gentle pushes toward changing perceptions and exploring patterns of behavior and belief.


I was excited to see the fables presented in their entirety in this book. I recommend it for anyone who wants to get more out of the Chakra Wisdom Oracle. I think this book is also a good choice for those who are interested in a self-development program that is manageable and takes a positive, empowering approach.

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