Conscious Channeling From the Akashic

Conscious Channeling From the Akashic - When You Are Reading Tarot Cards takes Tarot reading to a different level. The book connects access of the Akashic records, and working with the Lords of Karma with the use of the cards.

By Rozālia Horvāth Balāzsi · Book - 368 pages · Published by BookSurge Publishing

Review by Bonnie Cehovet

"Conscious Channeling From the Akashic Records - When You Are Reading Tarot Cards" takes Tarot to a whole new level. Rozālia Horvāth Balāzsi is a clairvoyant and Conscious Channel, as well as a Palm reader, Tarot reader and teacher. When asked to write a book on the Tarot, her first response was no, because she felt there were enough books on Tarot reading out there. She said this, knowing that the reason her friend was suggesting that she do so was because her friend had channeled that information. The next morning, Rozālia had a vision upon waking … she was shown the book that she would write, and told that she needed to write it. This was the beginning of her journey.

She had many concerns, not the least of which was that while she currently lives in Australia, and has for many years. She was raised in Hungary, and English is a second language for her. When help is needed, help will be there. And so it was with this project … the people necessary were there when they were needed. I commend Rozālia, and each of the individuals that played a part in this process. The Tarot world has been gifted with a formal connection to accessing the Akashic records, and working with the Lords of Karma. My hope is that the Tarot public connects with the depth of this book, opens their minds, and their hearts, and gives this information a chance.

There are three versions of this material: an e-book, a print book available from the site, and a print book available through This review is based on the print version available from The difference between the two books is that the version does not have the chakra graphic for The Central Sun, The Higher Self, and the Personality Connection on the inside of the front cover, nor does it have the graphic for The Base Chakra and the Presentation of the Seven Sub Layers of Consciousness on the inside of the back cover.

Looking at the cover to this book, my thought is that one could channel information simply by focusing on the image that is centered here … that of the High Priestess, not as a squared off card but in a "cosmic egg" shape, with alternating rays of light yellow and lavender surrounding it. This Lady holds the book of wisdom, and beckons us to join her on her journey of enlightenment.

There is an incredible amount of information included in the 368 pages of this book. Addressed are the soul's journey (and its evolutionary cycle), the background for the Ascended Masters and the governing Hierarchy, how to channel from the Akashic records, activation of the third eye, astrology and its association with the Tarot (note: The astrological associations in this material are not traditional associations, but were channeled by Rozālia.), the power of our thoughts, using the Celtic Cross spread, basic definitions for the cards, how to set up a reading area, meditation techniques, working with pyramid energy and the use of crystals.

As with all works, there are things here that the reader may agree with, and things that they will not agree with. My thoughts would be to take that which serves you, and leave the rest behind. The background on the Lords of Karma and the Akashic records is well presented, making it easy for any student that wished to work with this material to learn how to do so.

Much of the actual reading information goes along with traditional Tarot … using a personal Code for readings, asking permission from the Seeker's Higher Self to do the reading, setting up a reading area, working with crystals, meditating … all of this is basic to doing a good reading. (I should also note here that scans are used from the Rider-Waite Tarot to illustrate the card information section.) That the reader channels information through the cards is also an accepted concept. What changes here is that the channeling is done in a conscious manner, using a mental "screen" to view the information on, and direct contact with the Higher energies.

I would like to share a bit of information from this book, starting with Rozālia's definitions for the positions within the Celtic Cross:

  • Position 1 - The client's question and the reason for the reading.
  • Position 2 - Will influence and aid the first position for better or for worse.
  • Position 3 - Fulfils the possible outcome of the first two cards.
  • Position 4 - Indicates a situation or condition which is about to move on. This usually takes between one day to six weeks.
  • Position 5 - Shows a dream or desire that constantly occupies the client's mind. They need to know if this will manifest and become reality.
  • Position 6 - Indicates events or a situation that will come into the clients life. This will occur within the last two months of this six month card reading.
  • Position 7 - The client has mistrust and a negative attitude or concept towards this placement. The Karmic Council of Light has declared, "it is time for a change for the better!"
  • Position 8 - This will show how other people see, perceive and judge the client.
  • Position 9 - Represents an event or situation that is already occurring in the clients life. They will need to know the future outcome.
  • Position 10 - Indicates the final outcome. This will influence and aid every card placement in the Celtic Cross "for better or for worse."

I would also like to go through a few of the cards and share the section on what they represent:

  • The Chariot: Represents (1) The client's self-discipline holding up under pressure, (2) They will be able to trust their own wisdom and integrity and to put their trust in the Higher Powers to guide them and to show the way.
  • The Hermit: Represents the client's ability to understand and discover the God within as well as confide and listen to its guidance at all times, (2) As a result the client will be able to achieve harmony and balance between Mind, Body, and Spirit.
  • Ace of Swords: Represents (1) New beginning and victory, (2) in business ventures, relationships, or the Court of Law.
  • Four of Pentacles: Represents (1) The client's capabilities and wisdom, (2) Having sound judgment in business and money matters, (3) Wise investments, (4) Every opportunity that presents itself will be successful.

Rozālia asks three things of anyone wishing to become a Tarot reader: (1) that they keep an open minded attitude, (2) that they have curiosity, desire, and will regularly study, and (3) that they have plenty of patience.

Through the use of well crafted graphics, well written text and the sharing of stories, "Conscious Channeling" gifts the Tarot world with a wonderful way to read if the reader is willing to step up and access the esoteric side of the art. If you are not, then this book is not for you. For those who are, whole new worlds will open up to you!

Happy reading!

Š Bonnie Cehovet

Bonnie Cehovet is Certified Tarot Grand Master, a professional Tarot reader with over ten years experience, a Reiki Master/Teacher and a writer.

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