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'Creator's Tarot: Recreate Your Outcome Using The Law of Attraction' offers insightful ways to interpret the 78 cards within the framework of manifestation and self-empowerment. It's designed so that information gleaned from a Tarot reading can help the reader to be proactive, focused, and mindful in achieving their goals.

By Nicole Richardson · Book, eBook - 198 pages · Self Published

Review by Mythic Silence

This book focuses on using the information gleaned from a Tarot reading to help you to be proactive, focused, and mindful in achieving your goals. As the title suggests, much of its content is structured within the framework of the Law of Attraction. However, even if you are not on board with all of the aspects of this theory, there are still thought provoking reflections and insights that can broaden your perspectives. If you enjoy working with Tarot in the context of self-improvement or meditation, you will likely find some worthwhile questions, ideas, and affirmations.

Richardson explains that her intention is not to provide a detailed introduction to the Law of Attraction; it is to utilize its concepts within a Tarot reading. Therefore, her discussion about the Law of Attraction itself is parsimonious. While you can still glean a lot from this book with a basic understanding of the Law of Attraction, many of the concepts will be clearer if you have deeper knowledge of the subject.

Richardson provides tips for formulating questions, shuffling, interpreting the cards, and more. She emphasizes the idea that Tarot readings can help you to be more conscious about what you create in your life. She includes several spreads that are tailored to her approach, but there are no sample readings. The subsequent chapters discuss the individual cards. Every card in the deck gets its own entry with headings that organize possible interpretations. These entries comprise the bulk of the book’s content. Richardson explores what the cards may be indicating in different contexts, which provides a well-rounded analysis. The opportunities or blockages that the card might represent are also considered. Additionally, there are insights about how a card can relate to other cards in the deck. For example, the entry for the Devil (XV) discusses how negative aspects of The Magician (I) and The Hierophant (V) can sometimes be expressed in the Devil’s meaning.

The content in the meditation heading invites you to ponder various questions relating to the card’s theme, and these questions are often fruitful prompts for journaling. Some of the affirmations are also very appropriate for putting a positive spin on any daily card draw. I found the Tower’s affirmation: “I am grateful for each opportunity aligning me with my highest purpose” to be a particularly optimistic way of viewing the card’s message.

Target Audience:

Richardson states that “this book is for everyone, from Tarot masters to first time readers, to include those who are less interested in Tarot and more interested in self-empowered living” (vii). The exploration of each card is certainly accessible for new users of Tarot, as it is not intimidating or focused on systematic correspondences. Instead, it highlights the themes of each card and what prompts they can provide for self-improvement. However, since Richardson does not provide example readings, I think that someone very new to Tarot, or someone more focused on empowered living than Tarot reading, might struggle a bit to get the most out of their readings without a bit more information and guidance for using the cards.


This book is well organized, and it is easy to find a specific card’s entry. I like that the card entries are able to stand alone, as it makes this book a good companion for daily draws. However, some of the main ideas for each suit are pasted into every entry, and there are times when this material forms the bulk of the information beneath a heading.

The book flows well and it delivers thought provoking ideas, though grammatical errors do pop up from time to time.


Richardson’s book offers insightful ways to interpret the cards within the context of self-empowerment. If you are interested in utilizing the Tarot within the framework of the Law of Attraction or are seeking to work with Tarot as a meditative tool or aid for personal development, Richardson’s book may provide the inspiration and encouragement you are looking for.

(Editor's Note: this review is of an earlier version of Creator's Tarot; the current version has been revised.)

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