Good Cat Spell Book

The Good Cat Spell Book is unusual book of magick that concentrates on positively oriented spells performed with the active help of a feline familiar. It also teaches 'felidomancy' or cat divination and includes an oracle sheet for this purpose.

By Gillian Kemp · Hardcover · Published by Crossing Press

Review by Bonnie Cehovet

For anyone who loves cats, for anyone who works with spells, for anyone who wants to be proactive in their life – this is a must have book! The presentation itself is top notch – hard bound, with a burnished front and back cover. The front cover shows the title, in gold letters, with the portrait of a black cat as seen from behind facing the lettering. The back cover talks about making a psychic connection with your favorite pet cat, and working with their mystical connection to Spirit.

Kemp begins by defining a familiar – an animal companion who acts as a helper with magical work. Often this is associated with witches and witchcraft, giving it a negative connotation, but anyone can build a strong bond with an animal that they are close to. Cats work well because (in my personal opinion) they are so very independent! The trust that is developed between owner/caretaker (cats are never really “owned”) allows the creation of a safe environment for magical work.

According to Kemp, the ancient Egyptians and Greeks associated cats with both the Sun (the fiery male principle) and the Moon (the intuitive, female principle). There is a wonderful background into cats, they place in Egyptian mythology, and their place in witchcraft lore. A lovely ending to this chapter is a listing of lucky cat signs, such as being visited by a black cat, stroking it three times and making a wish, and that it is lucky if a cat wanders into your home and adopts you. (All four of my cats are adopted cats – one of which was a feral cat.)

The main body of this book concerns spells, things that we can do to make a positive impact in our own life. Each of these spells is done with the active help of a feline friend/familiar. Kemp has chosen to address life areas that we all need help in from time to time:

Love & Romance
Happiness & Luck
Wealth & Good Fortune
Health & Healing

The remainder of the book is devoted to “Felidomancy” – Feline Divination. Kemp posits that as we connect with our feline friends, we gain the ability to “see” through their eyes, to see as a “seer”. Examples are given for “Yes and No” divination, and divining with cat treats (this may sound silly at first – but it works!)

There is also a well written section on becoming “familiar with your familiar” – reading things like how your cat moves his/her whiskers, how they purr and how they move their tail. I really enjoyed the section on the feline aura, what it predicts about your cat’s basic nature, and what he predicts for your immediate future. There is also an interesting section on creating magical pouches – pouches that you carry with you when away from your pet to keep the connection between the two of you strong.

For those of you who work with astrology (and know, at least approximately, when your pet may have been born), there is an intriguing section on cats by element and astrological sign. Part of this section involves a bonding spell for each astrological sign.

The final chapter in this book presents the working text for the oracle sheet that is included with this book, as well as three different methods that may be used for readings. Working with this oracle is great fun, as you have your feline pet right by your side – or in your lap!

The oracle sheet contains magical symbols that run across the top, with the number of questions defined in the book running down the left hand side. The questions are interesting, and are listed as odd numbers only (i.e. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 21, 23, 25, 27, 29 and 31). Sample questions are listed below:

Will the one I love, love me?
Will I succeed in my new venture?
Will my finances improve?

The middle portion of the oracle consists of hieroglyphics that offer answers to the questions. One manner of divining with this system is to pick (with your pet) a magical symbol from the top row, then locate the number of your question along the side of the sheet. Where the two intersect is where the Seeker’s answer lies. Sample answers include:

If you work at it.
Far more than you imagine.
In and out of it.
If you decide to, then you will, so the choice is yours.

“The Good Cat Spell Book” is well written, easy to understand, and presents spells that are easy to perform, with everyday supplies. Anyone, from any background, would be able to work with this material.

A definite bonus is the divination oracle – one that can be worked with as is, or fine tuned to the abilities and understanding of the reader/Seeker.

For anyone who is close to their cats, and wishes to work with spells to benefit their life, this is a must have reference book.

Bonnie Cehovet is Certified Tarot Grand Master, a professional Tarot reader with over ten years experience, a Reiki Master/Teacher and a writer.

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