Tarot encyclopedias, dictionaries, and reference material.

Encyclopedia of Tarot Volume IV  Open in New Window

The fourth volume of the Encyclopedia of Tarot covers decks published or created between 1990 and the beginning of 2005. 850 Tarot decks are listed, along with over 11,000 card images, making the book essential for any collector or enthusiast. Available now from the Tarot Garden.

Holistic Tarot  Open in New Window

Holistic Tarot: An Integrative Approach to Using Tarot for Personal Growth is a practical and very comprehensive handbook for the beginner and intermediate tarot student. In its 896 pages, Benebell Wen pulls together theories, methods and ideas from a range of diverse sources and presents her insights on every aspect of tarot.

Magic Words: A Dictionary  Open in New Window

Magic Words: A Dictionary is a reference book from Craig Conley, who created the Trump L'Oeil: Tarot of Portmeirion. His dictionary explains the origin, history and meanings of magical words - all the way from Harry Potter to the esoteric.

Pictures From The Heart: A Tarot Dictionary  Open in New Window

A Tarot lexicon and reference manual with hunderds of entries covering tarot symbolism, history, lore, associations, and much more. Suitable for tarot novices and experienced readers alike.

Pithy Tarot  Open in New Window

Pithy Tarot is a fun collection of quick and easy meanings for tarot cards, from tarot author James Ricklef. The concise meanings range from humorous to profound, advice to warnings.

Tarot Companion  Open in New Window

A reference guide with basic card meanings and information plus a broad overview of tarot's correspondences with astrology, runes, numerology, colours, qabbalah and time. The appendix also contains twenty tarot spreads.

Tarot Dynamics Unleashed  Open in New Window

Tarot Dynamics Unleashed is an easy and accessible way for beginners to learn the tarot, and for intermediate and advanced readers to build on their knowledge. It's an update to Anna Burroughs Cook's first book, Tarot Dynamics.

Tarot Readings: The New Paradigm  Open in New Window

Tarot Readings: The New Paradigm introduces Jennifer Reynolds' new system of definitions and card combinations for reading the cards. The reference book is also illustrated with images from the Robin Wood Tarot.

The Rabbi's Tarot  Open in New Window

The Rabbi's Tarot: Spiritual Secrets of the Tarot covers each of the major arcana and their links with the Hebrew perspective. A good reference book, designed to deepen understanding of the esoteric foundations of the tarot.

The Tarot Bible  Open in New Window

The Tarot Bible: The Definitive Guide to the Cards and Spreads is a glossy full-colour book packed with tarot information and images - history, correspondences, the basics of choosing a deck, the meanings of the cards, spreads, extras for developing your tarot skills, and much more.

The Tarot Handbook  Open in New Window

This is the second edition of The Tarot Handbook, first published in 1987 and reprinted ten years later with a new introduction. In the book, Arrien discusses the symbols found in the Tarot from a psychological, mythological, and cross-cultural perspective.

Twenty Years of Tarot: The Lo Scarabeo Story  Open in New Window

Twenty Years of Tarot: The Lo Scarabeo Story celebrates the tarot publishing company's first 20 years of operation from 1987 to 2007. It's a hard cover, coffee-table sized book full of images of pre-market and test sketches, as well as completed cards that were part of published decks.