Tarot and the Divine Feminine

Tarot and the Divine Feminine is a 46-page ebook merging goddess spirituality and tarot study. The book pairs a goddess with (most) of the cards in the major arcana, and offers questions for reflection and ways to invoke that goddess into your life.

By Sherri Glebus · eBook - 46 pages · Self Published

Review by Mythic Silence

“Tarot and the Divine Feminine” is a concise and straightforward Tarot companion booklet by Sherri Glebus (M.A.). The content focuses on specific cards within the Major Arcana, and is applicable to most standard Tarot decks. Glebus pairs a goddess with a card in the Major Arcana, and then provides a description of the card’s meaning and associated deity. She also includes thoughtful questions for fostering insight, and suggestions for invoking the specific goddess corresponding to the card. The Major Arcana that do not have goddess associations are: The Fool, The Magician, The Emperor, The Hierophant, and The Hanged Man.

Glebus provides foundational material for incorporating goddesses and their messages into the Tarot. Her method also gives the reader a starting point for cultivating a positive and helpful relationship with feminine deity. She encourages the exploration of mythologies and goddess energy on one’s own terms while still offering introspective content that relates to both the divinatory Tarot meanings and the qualities of the associated goddess. Her correspondences are thoughtful and logical, and I was excited to see a variety of pantheons and traditions represented. Ereshkigal, Kuan Yin, Shekinah, Durga, and other inspiring goddesses are included in this booklet, making it a well-rounded resource for expanding one’s impression of the Major Arcana.

Although this book provides associations with the divine feminine, the content is inclusive and applicable to both men and women. The goddesses coincide harmoniously with the traditional divinatory meanings of the cards, and provide an extra layer of depth to any Tarot reading. This booklet is an excellent companion for anyone who enjoys incorporating mythology into their Tarot practice.

Review by Lori Lytle

As a scholar of ancient history, mythology and Goddess lore myself, I was intrigued to discover Sherri Glebus’ Tarot and the Divine Feminine. In this e-booklet, Glebus explains that her studies have led her to make a connection between 17 of the Major Arcana cards and 17 diverse Goddesses, and that this connection can be used for wisdom, healing and transformation.

To this end, Glebus created a “Goddess Tarot Consultation method” that can be used with any Tarot deck to invoke the power of the Goddess into your life. The idea is that the seeker consults the 17 identified cards as a mini deck to find out which form of the Goddess would be most beneficial for them to work with at any given time. The system starts with a brief meditation, followed by asking the cards “Which Goddess wants to work in my life right now?”, shuffling and drawing a card, and finally consulting the booklet to find out which Goddess the card is connected with.

For each of the 17 examples, Glebus gives a very brief description of the Goddess and the traditional meaning of the Tarot card, followed by questions to ask yourself and ways to invoke this Goddess into your life. She explains that she purposely did not include a lot of information or images of the various Goddesses, saying that it is up to the reader to actively seek further knowledge, a process which will encourage more profound engagement with the Goddess in all her forms.

Although I admired Glebus’ idea and purpose behind creating this booklet, I found it unsatisfying in some ways. I understand her reasoning, but I personally would have preferred a greater depth of information concerning the various Goddesses, and the inclusion of images. I also found her brief descriptions a little too basic. It always worries me when vast and complex topics, such as the history and attributes of a deity, are taken down to a rudimentary level – of course it is important to get to know the Goddess in your own, very personal way, but I also believe that it is crucial to provide accurate and enriching information. This is only my opinion; other readers may welcome the chance to use this book simply as a prompt for a deeper exploration into the topic.

All this being said, I found real value in the idea of using the Tarot to connect with the Goddess in all her aspects, and I think this booklet would be excellent in a classroom/workshop setting to encourage further research and discussion. And, considering the low price, it is certainly worth adding to your Tarot library.

Lori Lytle is a professional Tarot reader based in Toronto, Canada and the founder of Inner Goddess Tarot. Her email and in-person readings focus on empowerment and personal growth. Visit her website and blog at innergoddesstarot.com.

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