The Transformational Truth of Tarot

The Transformational Truth of Tarot is a general overview and tarot workbook, in which author Tiffany Crosara shares her passion and enthusiasm for tarot and her experience as a spiritual healer and psychic reader. Suitable for beginners onwards.

By Tiffany Crosara · Book - 258 pages · Published by John Hunt Publishing

Review by Sheena Cundy

Many attempts have been made to lift the veil of mystery that hangs over the Tarot, to illuminate whatever darkness that shrouds it and yet no-one has done it quite like Tiffany Crosara. In her book The Transformational Truth of Tarot, we see a valiant attempt to cross that divide and replace previous misunderstandings with a truly bright and original perspective of this ‘book of life’ that’s concise, thought- provoking and downright refreshing. This is a book that will appeal to the novice and experienced student alike, a complete work- out to really get those Tarot juices flowing.

It is easy to get bogged down with a subject like the Tarot. There is so much information to get through… 78 cards worth! But Crosara breezes along, her cup overflowing with enthusiasm and bearing her torch with such passion one cannot help but be carried away with her through the pages as it soon becomes clear that the Fool’s journey and her own are one and the same. She draws on a wealth of experience as a spiritual healer, psychic reader and teacher of Tarot to dispel the fear associated with this ancient art and concentrates on its power to heal, empower and enlighten all who would use it wisely. Thus it is clear from the off that Tiffany Crosara is committed to this purpose and works hard towards her vision.

The book is well structured, beginning with the author’s personal story with the Tarot and it becomes apparent that she has been knocked down by some cruel blows in life, journeyed into the dark night of the soul and come out on the other side of it; demonstrating the path of a spiritual teacher is not an easy one.

The foundations are laid with a chapter on history with references to and illustrations of the Tree of Life, the Astrological Wheel and the first of the exercises. This is followed by a particularly interesting chapter in answer to Tarot as a tool of prediction or empowerment? Controversial? Maybe…but explored and dealt with beautifully.

The Major Arcana are divided into three sections from birth – adolescence – middle age – reincarnation; with a fully comprehensive guide to symbolism including the astrological and numerological aspects discussed in great depth. A Bringing Alive section follows each card with a list of questions, suggestions and space for notes…essential for good study practise!

The author’s experience and knowledge of her subject shines through and like any good teacher she structures her lessons (chapters) with a healthy balance of theory and practise with regular doses of repetition! Illustrating with the Rider Waite deck throughout she literally brings the cards and their characters to life with a connection to each one that is reflective of one who has studied her subject by living and breathing it.

Questions arise throughout the book…

~ Is it that the Tarot is hinting to us the secrets of the Universe? ~

… prompting the reader to think big. Inspirational quotes are sprinkled generously throughout and snippets of the author’s personal spiritual philosophy, reminding the reader that:

~ Everything in life benefits you somehow ~

References to fast and slow energy cards is an interesting point, also ‘all cards are neutral’ (carrying positive and negative energy) having equal power for healing and empowerment. ‘No card is an island’ in the Storytelling chapter- with reference to connecting the cards in a reading- is another vital point.

Equal focus is given to the Minor Arcana with a thorough description of each suit and archetypal character in an easy to follow guide of associated symbolism. The author’s story of the Wands trait analogy and the lottery numbers indicates she is not afraid to reveal her human-ness and she can laugh about it! The Court Families round up the cards effectively and an interesting chapter on Reading brings the book to a close. Here the author underlines the importance of the exercises to bring the dynamics of the different cards and energies together when reading. She gives good reason for only needing to use one or two spreads and highlights again her three golden rules for reading the Tarot:

Positivity not negativity
Healing not prediction
Empowerment not dependency

The Transformational Truth of Tarot carries an authentic and deeply spiritual message from Tiffany Crosara, one where her genuine love for the subject lights up a pathway for others. She reaches out from her heart and soul and my guess is that her own blood, sweat and tears were in the mix somewhere too. She holds nothing back and has given her all.

This is a book to learn from, be guided by and one which clears the fog of all the misconceptions that have gone before. Tiffany Crosara succeeds in realising her vision of liberating the Tarot, sharing its gifts and bringing it into the 21st century… where it belongs. Highly recommended.

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