The Wheel of Wisdom

The Wheel of Wisdom is a kabbalistic oracle wheel that combines two systems - 96 answers though 'ancient karma scripts' on the front, and angel advice on the reverse.

By Orna Ben-Shoshan · Oracle Wheel · Self Published

Review by Bonnie Cehovet

“There is something that you need to know in order to understand your present situation, something that you need to hear before making a decision or taking the next step, and the outcome you are curious about.” from the Interpretation Book

“The Wheel of Wisdom” is an oracle wheel (literally) that combines two wisdom systems – the front side of the wheel is inspired by ancient karma scripts, while the reverse side of the wheel contains 36 different Angels’ Advice. The front side of the wheel is comprised of 96 answers that give clear forecasts in how things are going to evolve in the Seeker’s life. The back side of the wheel is meant to provide an additional viewpoint on the question being asked, and additional guidance.

Ben-Shoshan places an emphasis on two things: that we all already have all the answers that we will ever need within us, and that as Seekers we need to approach any oracle with the utmost respect. The Wheel of Wisdom is meant to help the Seeker to connect with the Seeker’s source of inner wisdom, and to bring them the answers that they need at any particular time. Basically, we seek wisdom when we are at a crossroads and need answers on how to proceed. Ben-Shoshan tells us that if the answer we receive is in any way positive, that what we are asking about will come true/succeed. She also note that sometimes we will be advised to abandon an issue whose time has not yet come, or that may simply be too problematic.

She advises the Seeker to quiet the chatter in their mind through the use of relaxation techniques before they approach the oracle, so that the question/issue being addressed can be concentrated on. In cases where a vague or seemingly irrelevant is received, two things are advised: to take the essence of the answer and apply it to the area of your life that your question referred to, or to accept that sometimes we are not meant to know the answers to some questions. There is also a caveat that the ”Wheel of Wisdom” was designed primarily for self-reading. If you are reading for someone else, rephrase the question to a third-person format (he/she instead of you), and visualize them as strongly as you can when asking the question.

This oracle can be used in two ways – to address your question to the Sun Mandala (front side), interpret this answer, and then turn the wheel over to see the angelic response, or to address your question directly to the angelic side. Either way works very well. I found the readings that I did to be very insightful, and very “to the point”. I also came upon a situation that is not addressed in the Interpretation book – What do you do when you land between numbers? My solution was to read the advice for both numbers – that seemed to be the right thing to do. Both responses did apply directly to my situation. What I found is that when this happens on one side of the card, it also happens on the other side. As my sister would say “Deal with it!”.

The Interpretation Book gives interpretations for both sides of the wheel, text only (no imagery). From the book:

Interpretations – front – the Sun Mandala

9 – What is blocking your way is an important vow from the past that you haven’t fulfilled yet, either for yourself or for someone else. You must take care of unfinished business, and when you arrive to a conclusion point, new horizons will open, and a new and joyful cycle in your life will begin.

23 – Rumors about you circulating and causing you grief. The person who started them seeks to blemish you and does not seek your favor. Beware of him or her and do not volunteer any information. Alternately – If you’ve heard dreadful predictions about something – it’s better to examine the matter thoroughly and not to be drawn into despair.

93 – The time has come! Get out of your impassivity and wake up! You have been given a chance to start something new that will advance you to a better phase. Do not overlook the hints and proposals offered to you – go for it and see great success.

Angels’ Advice

1 – Follow your heart. Your gut feelings are correct / Be open to a loved one’s good advice.

20 – Importand decisions will be made solely through discussion with another person / enter negatiations with an open mind, understand the other side, their motivation and their wishes / don’t show all of your cards to your opponent – keep some information to yourself.

36 – In this situation you aren’t able to progress on your own – turn to an outside source for help / asking and praying / embrace the support that arrives.

The box that the wheel arrived in was a bit flimsy. However, it was packed so well (including the wheel inside being place between two pieces of strong cardboard, that all was well. I like the little tuck piece on the top flap – it allows the flap to close more securely. The front wheel (9″ diameter) is slightly smaller than the back wheel (9 3/8″ diameter), which makes for easy movement. The back wheel consists of concentric circles of color – fromt he outside in, we see a pale green border, followed by circles of lavender, beige, light brown, blue and peach. Each of the circles, aside from the border, contains imagery. There is a small window cut out to see the number in.

The front of the wheel, the Sun Mandala, has deeper colors. There is a light blue border, followed by a medium blue circle with gold imagery, then a wider circle with scenes, followed by a light green circle with imagery, then a dark blue circle with stars and planets on it, followed by a gold circle with Hebrew letters, followed by a dark blue circle with no imagery, then a light blue circle with imagery of the sun. There is a cutout to see the numbers through.

Although the Seeker would need to refer to the text interpretations for the advice, I found this to be worthwhile. The advice given was on target, and worth the effort. As you can see from the interpretations that I shared above, this is an oracle that will make the Seeker think.

© Bonnie Cehovet

Bonnie Cehovet is Certified Tarot Grand Master, a professional Tarot reader with over ten years experience, a Reiki Master/Teacher and a writer.

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