Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards

Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards

Angels of Abundance is a 44-card oracle deck from Doreen Virtue and her son, Grant Virtue. This deck is designed to help tap into a mindset of prosperity and potential, and away from lack and poverty, through guidance from the angels.

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Card Images from the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards

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Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards Review by medusawink

The Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards is a new deck from prolific publisher Doreen Virtue, and her son Grant Virtue. According to these authors heavenly largesse is available to all, but if you focus on your inability to access this spiritual cornucopia through a 'lack mentality’ you will remain trapped in a cycle of non-abundance. This deck aims to help the user address poverty-think with the aid of divine intervention – the Angels of Abundance who are the bounty branch of Team Heaven.

This is a Christian based deck with attractive art featuring religious iconography and clichés such as angels (duh), lambs, doves, lions, and cute children in beauteous surrounds where heavenly and blessed beings like to hang, such as gardens and starry skies. The foundation concepts behind this deck are not bad – get a job which satisfies you, work hard, clear your debts, save money, and practice charity. Other ideas floated here are basically the Laws of Attraction in angelic robes – embracing a mind-set of abundance, let go of negative emotions, change your self-talk from negativity to positivity. Is a fair amount of talk about God, prayer, and faith… And God in the sense of this particular deck is not a catch-all term for which one may substitute other terminology such as Goddess, the Universe and so forth, it is specifically Christian.

The cards measure 90 x 128 mm which is a fairly average size for an oracle deck – about the same length as an average tarot deck, but considerably broader. The card stock is excellent being both light and sturdy, flexible without being flimsy, which makes them a resilient deck that will withstand long-term usage. The finish on the cards is high-gloss and smooth which facilitates easy handling and shuffling without the card sticking together, clumping, or being so slippery that they spray everywhere.

The print quality is excellent – the images are clear and crisp, without any blurry misprints or colour bleeds. The Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards features the artwork of seven artists whose individual palettes vary considerably from natural, muted, to bright, and distinctly unreal. Likewise, the mediums these artists use varies from digital art to pastels, acrylics and oil paints. Each card has a title at the top and a broad border around the central image. The colours of the borders vary, and complement the main illustration. The bottom third of the card contains the divinatory meaning sited on a background of contrasting colour. The image on the back of the card is an eight-pointed star, which somewhat resembles a Christmas decoration, and two pieces of rope, on a reified background.

The cards and guidebook come packaged in a solid cardboard box with a lift-off lid. The box has a glossy finish and the titles are printed in gold. The angel illustration on the front has a hologram highlight, and other images from the deck are featured on the base of the box along with information about the deck. This box is sturdy, and compact enough to slip into a handbag or backpack and withstand the rigours of travel without sustaining any notable damage, protecting the cards and book within.

The 138-page guidebook is written by the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards conceptual originators Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue. The opening chapter outlines how the Seeker can work with the deck to maximise its impact, and follows with instructions for clearing and consecrating the cards, phrasing and asking a question, and choosing a card. A three- card layout is included here. The bulk of the guidebook is devoted to expanding and expounding on the divinatory meaning of each card. The advice given generally revolves around affirming ones faith, prayer, kindness to yourself and others, discarding negative thoughts, and believing in the bounty of heaven. The closing information gives biographical details of the artists and authors.

For those of you wishing to access heaven’s boundless generosity and manifesting that as your physical reality, then this deck goes a long way to opening those doors. This is a beautiful deck, gorgeously illustrated, and offering compassionate advice. Whether you are a Christian or simply have a broader belief in the divine, this deck will help you connect with your Angels of Abundance. If you are feeling the pinch in your hip pocket or your bank book is looking a little the worse for wear the Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards will help you access a positive frame of mind and tap into a mentality of prosperity and potential.

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Complete Details of Angels of Abundance Oracle Cards

Creators: Doreen Virtue, Grant Virtue
Publisher: Lifestyles 2017
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 44
Card Size: 3.54 x 5.04 in. = 9.00cm x 12.80cm
Card Language: English
Companion Material: 138-page guidebook is written by Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue is included with the deck.

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