Tarot of the Angels

Tarot of the Angels

The Tarot of the Angels is illustrated with angels and guardians in quite easily readable Rider-Waite based scenes. The angels are not specific mythical beings, but generally white-winged human figures. More devilish versions also appear in negative or conflicted cards like the Five of Swords.

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Card Images from the Tarot of the Angels

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Tarot of the Angels Review by Freddie

‘Tarot of the Angels’ is a beautiful deck first published by Lo Scarabeo of Italy in 2007. The graphics are by Pietro Alligo and the little white book is authored by famous Tarot writer Giordano Berti. The deck is standard size 60mm x 120mm and is of quality cardstock with a luscious matte finish. They shuffle well and are a dream to handle. This deck is affordable, easy to find and may also be purchased in a deluxe set with a blue angel velvet bag. The deck is the same if bought alone or as part the deluxe kit. It may be worth noting that if you purchase the deluxe set that you will not receive the regular deck box as it comes in a large box with the cards in only the blue angel pouch.

The cards feature baby blue borders on the decks front and back faces. Within this blue border are four soft white orbs in the shape of a medieval cross. The reversible back design is fashioned like a book or a door with two sets of white angel wings joined together by a silver cross. Colour-wise this deck is stunning and the pale blue borders keep the images warm and friendly. The cards do contain multi-language titles, but are discreet and written in a slightly darker blue than the borders. Unlike most angel themed card decks this deck is truly unisex and depicts men and women on an equal basis. In fact, many of the images have males in them which have been traditionally been depicted by females in other decks.

This deck is an angel themed pack which seems to extract most of its symbolism from Judeo- Christian faith. The belief systems it most relates to is that of the Roman Catholic/Judaism/Orthodox/Anglican high ritual dogmas with a little somewhat subliminal Buddhism thrown in for good measure. This deck views the angels as everyday spiritual helpers and does not attribute proper angel names to each card much like the angel oracle decks that are used by many nowadays. The little white book by Berti he states that “In ancient Greece ‘angel’ essentially meant ‘messenger’ and that these cards are also messengers of good council, in fact they are born for this specific purpose”. He also mentions angels as our guardians and guides, so I would surmise from reading his little white book that there are too many angels to know them all by name and why not just be thankful to them all and try to work with them). This is my approach to angel work, as I agree with what I think Berti is trying to convey, but one could attribute a traditional title to each angel in this pack if they wanted to. According to the instruction book, much of the deck meanings are based on the ‘Proverbs of King Solomon’ and the ‘Book of Ben Sira (Ecclesiasticus)’.

This deck is said to be loosely based on Rider-Waite, however only a few of the ‘Tarot of the Angels’ cards resemble that deck. In my opinion, this deck offers many new takes on the traditional Tarot images. A prime example of this imagery is depicted on the ‘six of pentacles’ where an angel appears to a frightened and desperate beggar in a doorway that contains 6 shields of gold within a window casement. This card shows sharing and charity in a more emotive way that most Tarot decks I have ever seen. The facial expressions and body language of the angel and man convey the deep emotions they are feeling and that facial/body language congruency is utilized on every card within this pack. The cards are chatty and emotive and with a little study any person could use this deck very easily. I would say that the deck might be more enriching with a bit of general study and meditation on Angels. I have found that I prefer this deck to the very popular ‘Angel Oracle Decks’, because this deck seems to elaborate on issues and offer the ‘Lightworker’ types of solutions that I and others may seeking from the angels. This deck is very positive and not weighed down by heavy duty moral preaching or being required to perform various rituals to get the angels to respond to you. The deck also contains dark images as well so it is not too sugary or fluffy. Belief in angels is not even required for use of this deck, as one could consider an ‘angel’ as ‘your higher self’ or a ‘natural force of nature’.

This deck is treated as a ‘single card’ draw deck in the little white book, but I and others have found it to be highly adaptable to any type of Tarot spread. The card meanings offered in the book are at times heavy handed, but are also thought-provoking and insightful. The essence of lightworking has never been made so clear or easy as with these ‘Angel Tarots’ and I am very thankful to Lo Scarabeo for producing an angel deck that is friendly and useable to all regardless of sex, gender or religious beliefs. This deck is a treasure to behold and it is one that I cannot ever see myself parting with.

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Complete Details of Tarot of the Angels

Creators: Giordano Berti, Arturo Picca
Publisher: Lo Scarabeo 2008
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78
Major Arcana: 22
Minor Arcana: 56
Deck Tradition: Rider-Waite-Smith
Minor Arcana Style: RWS-Based Scenes
The Fool is 0
Strength is 8
Justice is 11
Card Size: 2.60 x 4.72 in. = 6.60cm x 12.00cm
Card Language: Spanish, Italian, German, French, English, Dutch
Card Back: Reversible
Back Design: Central grey cross on a brown oval, a mirrored pair of wings with golden spheres at the border.
Companion Material: Stapled booklet in five languages.

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