Arthurian Tarot Decks

Tarot decks based on the Arthurian myth: Merlin, Arthur, Guinevere, the Knights of the Round Table and the legend of the Holy Grail.

Arthurian Tarot

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The legends, history, and tradition of Arthurian Britain are the theme of the Arthurian Tarot. The major arcana cards depict Merlin, Guinevere, the Lady of the Lake and other familiar characters, while the minor arcana have landscape scenes. First published in 1991, it's been re-published as a 25th anniversary collector's edition.

Avalon Tarot

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The Avalon Tarot is an Arthurian-themed tarot, but set in a fantasy-medieval world. The artwork is strongly coloured and reminiscent of comic books.

Camelot Oracle

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The Camelot Oracle brings the Arthurian archetypes to life in a set of 40 cards by John Matthews and Will Worthington. 32 cards feature characters from the legends - Gawain, Arthur, Guinevere, and more - and 8 cards are 'Path' cards, each linked to a place on the included map of Camelot. The deck is both an oracle and guide on the journey of life.

Kayne's Celtic Tarot

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Kayne's Celtic Tarot is an unpublished but complete set of majors. The cards are well-illustrated with a Celtic theme, using the story of Taleisin to show meaning in the cards. Now available as a poster-sized print which can be made into your own deck.

Legend: Arthurian Tarot

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As the title suggests, the Legend: Arthurian Tarot is based on the myth of the Dark Age King Arthur, and his fabled court at Camelot. Each card has misty artwork surrounded by a grey border, and corresponds to a character from the legend.

Merlin Tarot

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The Merlin Tarot has 78 cards based on the Arthurian legends. The reordered major arcana, aces, and court cards are beautifully drawn, but the suits (Birds are Swords, Serpents are Wands, Fish are Cups, and Beasts are Disks) have very spare pip cards. They are disappointingly repetitive and difficult to interpret intuitively.

Tarocchi della Corte di Merlino

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The Tarocchi della Corte di Merlino is an Italian deck of 22 cards, each illustrated with a character from the court of Merlin, from the Arthurian legends and stories. The art is colourful and dramatic, with elements of the scenes often overlapping the outer border.

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