Awakening Far Memory Reincarnation Cards

Awakening Far Memory Reincarnation Cards

The Awakening Far Memory Reincarnation Cards are designed to uncover your past and future incarnations, and information on your past lives. They have illustrations of scenes and situations, with a single keyword underneath. The set includes a companion book.

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Awakening Far Memory Reincarnation Cards Review by Eyes Wide Open

Awakening Far Memory, with a subtitle of Reincarnation Cards is a set of 61 color cards drawn in simple, but appealing style. The cards are approximately 4x6-large photograph size. There are 5 different sets of cards, designated by color and symbol on the back. The different categories of cards represent: (white/square) occupation, (indigo/circle) culture, (green/diamond) environment, (red/cross) theme (life purpose), and (purple/infinity) termination (how you died). They are medium quality stock and have a matt finish.

The book that accompanies this deck is hard backed and covered with indigo fabric. It is 204 pages in length. This book has an introduction and begins with evidence to support the theory of reincarnation, including reference. This information is followed by sections describing the benefits of researching past lives, historical evidence of human origins, along with a “How To” section and a page for each card and its meaning. There is an Afterward, Glossary, Selected bibliography (reincarnation and general), Resource List for Further Research and a page about each author. Each card is printed in black and white with a good description of what the drawings represent. The card pages are categorized to match the 5 types of cards—each section including an introduction.

The entire deck and cards come in a good quality cardboard box printed in color with some of the cards and the book shown on the front. The caption says: “Discover yourself! Remember what you were and who are! Remember past and future incarnations! Wake up from the dream of life!” It also includes a blurb that says: “Something genuinely new under the sun! A fascinating and potentially valuable tool for developing self-knowledge and for confronting life problems and patterns that otherwise resist resolution.”

This deck was developed by John M. Knowles and Linda Leblance. Among their many accomplishments, the authors have been affiliated with the Monroe Institute as Outreach Trainers, Workshop Leaders and Lecturers. Their work with the Monroe Institute has given them a deep understand of the principle of reincarnation. They developed these cards to help other deepen their understanding too.

I have been using these cards since their publication and have had nothing but positive experiences with them. In the past I’ve relied strictly on third eye movies to conduct past life readings, but I have found these cards to be very helpful and they add another dimension to the readings.

Although these are large sized cards, there is no need to worry about shuffling. The authors suggest using a pendulum to choose cards from each category, but I have successfully used them by having clients hold out a hand and sense the pull of energy from a particular card…this does, however, tend to leave them over-thinking and taking a very long time to choose (This usually means it won’t be as accurate a reading in my opinion). After a card is drawn from each category, they are used to develop the story of a past life.

I have used these cards to conduct group readings sessions with great fun. As each person takes a turn, everyone intuitively brain storms about the cards until a past life is “fleshed-out”. I have even used them as group healing sessions. Once the life information has been established, healing sessions were conducted on the issues that have been brought forward into the current life. I have also found the cards to be equally effective when used alone.

The retail price of $35 is a bit higher than most decks, but I think you will find them to be a special addition to your collection. If you are interested in Past Life Work with other people, or just want to journal and work on your own “stuff” I think you will find Awakening Far Memory to be a accurate and flexible tool.

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Complete Details of Awakening Far Memory Reincarnation Cards

Creators: Linda le Blanc, John M. Knowles
Publisher: Ger Maa 2007
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 61
Card Language: English
Companion Material: Hardcover companion book

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