Bird Tarot Decks

Tarot and oracles themed around birds and avian creatures.

Crow Tarot

Deck Image

The Crow Tarot is for those drawn to the energy and imagery of these intelligent birds - crows and ravens. The 78 cards are illustrated in a skilled, dynamic style of digital collage. The set comes with a guidebook also written by the artist.

Crow's Magick Tarot

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The Crow's Magick Tarot is the second deck created by artist Londa. The cards have a very dark feel, probably because most of the scenes have a black background. I'm not sure how the symbols relate to traditional tarot, but the images are powerful.

Dream Raven Tarot

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The Dream Raven Tarot is 78 card deck illustrated with brightly coloured ravens of all types. Artist Beth Seilonen sees ravens as a carrier of messages for the soul, and has designed the imagery to assist the reader with bringing their dreams into their conscious reality.

Secret Language of Birds Tarot

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The Secret Language of Birds Tarot connects individual birds, their folklore and legends, with each tarot card. The artwork is intense and vivid, especially in the majors. The minor arcana - unfortunately - are pip cards instead of scenes.

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