Blue Bird Lenormand

Blue Bird Lenormand

The Blue Bird Lenormand is a classic 36-card Petit Lenormand deck. Each card has rich, 18th century era illustrations, a playing card insert, and an original verse by Stuart Kaplan to aid in interpretation.

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Card Images from the Blue Bird Lenormand

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Complete Details of Blue Bird Lenormand

Creators: Stuart Kaplan
Publisher: US Games 2015
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 36
Card Size: 2.37 x 3.50 in. = 6.03cm x 8.89cm
Card Language: English
Companion Material: The 40-page instruction booklet includes a biography of Mlle. Lenormand, card meanings, and a sample Grand Tableau reading.

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Theme: Historical, Lenormand
Creator: 1JJ Swiss Tarot, Tarot Classic by Stuart Kaplan

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