Business Tarot Decks

Business-oriented Tarot decks for creativity and inspiration in the business and corporate world.

Bright Idea Deck

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Based on the Tarot structure but with modern artwork, the Bright Idea Deck is a creative tool for brainstorming and business. It has 78 cards, including 22 trumps and 56 minors in four suits titled Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

Management Tarot

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The Management Tarot is a German deck targeted at business managers and leaders facing the challenges of the workplace. The majors and are fully illustrated but the minors are much simpler.

Mystic Pug Tarot

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The Mystic Pug Tarot is an amusing deck designed to promote Topkote paper products. It's not really a Tarot deck, more of a humourous corporate oracle. It has 14 colour-illustrated major cards (with titles like The Ego, Bob, The Deadline, and The Boss) plus sixteen black and white minor cards in four suits: Pugs, Ferrets, Carp and Gerbils.

Poppy's Tarot for the Workplace

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Poppy's Tarot for the Workplace is a 215-card deck for oracular advice on work, business and career situations. It's divided into different sections and is read by selecting cards from each section. Like Poppy's Love Cards, there are no images, just upright and reversed text.

Silicon Valley Tarot

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The tarot deck for the employed computer nerd. The Silicon Valley Tarot art is a little roughly drawn, but the symbology is perfect. The Spam card certainly strikes a chord.

Success Oracles

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The Success Oracles has 50 inspirational cards featuring well-known people who reached huge career, business or personal success and wealth - Steve Jobs, Oprah, Beyonce, and more.

Tarot of the Golden Calf

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The Tarot of the Golden Calf is a 79-card Russian deck created for financial questions around money, business, wages and investments. It's illustrated with figures from Greek, Roman and Biblical stories as well as literary tales.

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