Chakra Wisdom Oracle

Chakra Wisdom Oracle

The Chakra Wisdom Oracle has 49 charming cards, each linked with a chakra and illustrated by a mystical fable revealed to psychic and deck creator, Tori Hartman. This unique divination deck is designed to help with intention-setting and manifesting dreams.

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Card Images from the Chakra Wisdom Oracle

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Chakra Wisdom Oracle Review by Mythic Silence

The Chakra Wisdom Oracle is a 49 card deck written by Tori Hartman and illustrated by Gretchen Raisch-Baskin. This deck is published by Watkins Publishing. The cards measure 3 x 4.5 inches and the backs are not reversible.


This Oracle is attractively packaged in a durable matte box with a slide out compartment for the cards and book. The cards are comfortably sized for shuffling and they hold up to a good riffle. The mini book that accompanies the deck is in full color and gives the author enough space to supply an adequate amount of information for working with the deck.

Extra Materials (Mini Book):

The companion book to this deck is thorough, well organized, and includes images of the cards. First, Hartman introduces the deck and explains her inspiration for its creation. Next, there are chapters dedicated to each Chakra and the cards associated with it. Every Chakra chapter commences with general impressions and keywords about the Chakra and an overview of the cards that correspond to it.

The specific card entries have several headings to create a multifaceted approach for interpretation. “Legend,” “Inspirations,” “Personal Inquiry,” “Key Ideas,” and “Keywords” are the headings for each card, and a meditation concludes every entry. I think the information and ideas in each heading make the cards more adaptable to different contexts.

The final chapter consists of various layouts that I found thoughtful and useful. They are well tailored to this deck, and I think they could also be utilized with other decks. Hartman includes sample readings with the more complex layouts, which are useful for seeing how she incorporates the nuances of the cards into the context of different positions within a spread.


The artwork for this deck is soft and colorful, and its style is casual and expressive. A great deal of emotion and meaning is conveyed through facial features, such as the anguish of the woman in the “Release” card. My favorite aspects of this deck’s art are the snowy trees, cloud textures, and other landscape elements.

This deck’s imagery does include a bit of modern technology, most notably a television set. If you like your cards to be completely timeless this might be jarring for you, but there are only a couple of cards that have these types of details, and they are purposefully included to illustrate an aspect of the card’s associated legend. I certainly commend the artist for doing her best to faithfully illustrate snapshots of these fables; even the more abstract or unusual tales are well depicted.

The card borders are color coded according to their corresponding Chakra. The keyword for each card appears in a white box that I feel is a bit larger than necessary.


This deck utilizes the Chakra system, but much of the material also originates from the author’s personal experiences. Hartman explains that a near-death experience resulted in her penning down messages from Angels. These messages are the fables that are utilized in the imagery and card meanings. Hartman also states that the understanding of the Chakras should be on a personal level rather than based completely on the works of others. This philosophy also contributes to the personal approach in the composition of this deck.

Hartman’s viewpoint includes the law of attraction and her motto “Enlightenment Made Simple.” Her perspective is that the cards can help you to make profound changes in your behavior and circumstances, “hard work is not required” and that “change really does happen in an instant.” Statements such as “we never earn money; we attract it” illustrate her belief that you can set an intention and manifest what you desire. Your personal beliefs in regard to Hartman’s approach may affect how much you connect to this deck.

The cards’ concepts are often illustrated in unique ways because they coincide very closely with the fables that the author has written. For example, the card with the keyword “Self-worth” shows an image of a chair floating above an Inuit child. This is the corresponding legend:

“The Salmon Chair

The Salmon Chair appears to an Inuit child playing in the snow. Valley and River are the Salmon Chair’s protectors. ‘I never get to see it,’ complains River. Valley whispers: ‘There are those who can close their eyes and see it.’ The child rushes home to tell her elders about the chair, but no one believes her and she lies down, exhausted. Later, the chair appears to her again. She climbs in and feels the Great Servant’s love.”

The above example is representative of the intentionally concise nature of the parables. Some of them are abstract, and others utilize mundane or contemporary symbolism. Many of the stories are easy to follow and have a rather childlike quality, while some have a more unusual composition, like “The Salmon Chair.”

Each card also has information to supplement the legend and offer useful insights. The ideas are widely applicable and excellent for meditative work. I found this deck to read well, though I focused on the keywords, color associations, inspirations, and questions associated with the cards instead of the fables or imagery. That being said, I have the deepest respect for Hartman’s experience and her willingness to share these fables with a wider audience. I’m sure many people will resonate with them, but I’m afraid I cannot count myself among them.


If you are seeking an Oracle deck that originates from a very personal vision, this deck will provide that unique perspective. Those who are interested in the law of attraction and meditations may also find this deck appealing.

Quality: *****
Extra Materials: ****
Artwork: ***
Content: ***
Overall Score: 3.75 out of 5

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Complete Details of Chakra Wisdom Oracle

Creators: Tori Hartman, Gretchen Raisch-Baskin
Publisher: Watkins 2014
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 49
Card Size: 3.00 x 4.50 in. = 7.62cm x 11.43cm
Card Language: English
Companion Material: Companion guidebook with divination spreads, chakra-by-chakra insight, and a personal inquiry and focused meditation for each card.

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