Death Tarot Decks

Tarot and oracle decks themed around death.

Deck of the Dead

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The Deck of the Dead has 78 cards created from vintage etchings and prints, all themed around Death. Each card has been edited to fit the Rider-Waite system and the minors are fully illustrated. Self-published by the artist, it's available in three different sizes.

Graven Images Oracle

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The Graven Images Oracle is a 'system of prediction' deck of 71 cards, depicting cemetery imagery and interesting photographs of gravestones and monuments. The images in the cards have not been altered or enhanced, but reflect the symbols and statuary as they appear in their natural condition, and are used for prediction and meditation based on their own symbolic merit. Now available.

Magick Bones of Tarot

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The Magick Bones of Tarot is a 33-card oracle deck designed to reveal your blind spots and dark secrets and uncover your ultimate inner truth. It has stark images of arrangements of skulls and human bones on black backgrounds.

Mortem Oraculum

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The Mortem Oraculum - the Death Oracle - has 22 cards evoking the beauty and inspiration of death. The cards, rich in animal imagery and alchemical symbols, were hand-painted in human blood.

Santa Muerte Tarot

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The Santa Muerte Tarot is inspired by a female saint from Mexican religious culture - Our Lady of Holy Death. This 78 card tarot has superb artwork that is ironically full of life, depicting Santa Muerte and her skeleton cohort acting out the Rider-Waite style tarot scenes.

Tarot of the Dead

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The Tarot of the Dead is a humourous Tarot deck with scenes featuring empty-eyed skeletons in place of the more usual fully-fleshed human figures. The deck theme was inspired by the Mexican festival, the Day of the Dead. Originally self-published by the author, it's now available in a mass-produced edition from Llewellyn.

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