Dreaming Way Lenormand

Dreaming Way Lenormand

The Dreaming Way Lenormand is a 36-card Petit Lenormand with charming, scenic illustrations of the traditional symbols from the same artist who created the Dreaming Way Tarot.

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Card Images from the Dreaming Way Lenormand

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Dreaming Way Lenormand Review by Bonnie Cehovet

The Dreaming Way Lenormand is a traditional 36 card deck, which comes with a 91 page companion book. The artist, Kwon Shina, is the same artist that did the artwork for the Dreaming Way Tarot. This is a gentle deck, with whimsical artistry.

The companion book is a LWB, 2 by 3 , with a sturdy, full color cover. The image on the front of the book is that of Garden, and shows a golden watering can containing green plants, purple flowers, and a bird perched on one of the plant leaves.

The introduction is about the Dreaming Way Tarot, and its connection with the Dreaming Way Lenormand. The presentation of the cards is text only, giving the card name, number, and playing card association, with a short write-up of the card, and keywords. There is a short section on reading with pairs of cards, and then reading with a five card line of cards. The spread presented is a ten card Spiral Spread.

The cards are 2 by 3 , of sturdy cardstock. The card backs sow a series of three houses, flanking each other, with several images of the same figure floating throughout the card. The figure is dressed somewhat like a clown, with a butterfly head. The card faces show the card number at the top, and the card title and playing card association across the bottom. There is no border on the cards.

The imagery is done in watercolors, in pastels. The artwork is very whimsical, which adds to the ease of connection with this deck for reading purposes. Steam rising from a cup of coffee becomes clouds, a full grown fox lies draped over the shoulder of a woman in formal dress, the Rider is riding his horse through the clouds, Snake is winding itself around a female figure that is standing, the mother bird in Birds carries her birdhouse with her. I love the imagination that comes through in these cards, which are indeed of a very dreamy nature.

Some of the cards that I found most interesting were:

Ship (3) 10 of Hearts

Here we see a masted ship, floating in a small container of water There are clouds above the ship, and rain coming from the clouds. The ship represents adventures and journeys yet to be taken. It also carries the energy of freedom of choice. Keywords are travel, transportation, adventure, exploration, and journey.

Clouds (6) King of Clubs

Being a coffee lover, I adore this card, which shows steam rising from a cup of hot coffee, forming clouds above the cup. The image of the clouds warns us not to become enmeshed in a false sense of security. Keywords are sudden troubles, confusion, daydreaming, issues, challenges, and distractions.

Mice (23) 7 of Clubs

I think mice are cute, so I absolutely adore the two little fur people in this card as they carry away a rather large piece of cheese. Mice warns us to be aware of thievery, including things that drain our time and energy. It can also indicate that we are running out of time and/or options. Keywords include theft, loss, destruction, erosion, and deterioration.

Book (26) 10 of Diamonds

Here we see a dark pink book, with gilt edges, against a lighter pink background. The back cover has a little door cut into it, which makes one want to peek inside! The doorway is symbolic of how books open our minds to information and knowledge. The Book can refer to formal or informal learning. Keywords include knowledge, wisdom, information, learning and seeking.

The Dreaming Way Lenormand is a lovely deck that I enjoy reading with. Not truly versed in Lenormand, I am sticking to the smaller spreads for now. One thing that I was not fond of was the smaller size of the cards. When I brought this up to Lynn Araujo, she gently reminded me of the nature of the Grand Tableau and Petite Lenormand spreads, which require a number of cards. Smaller cards make laying out the reading easier, and, of course, smaller cards are easier to carry with us! This is a lovely deck that certainly has its place in the Lenormand world.

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Complete Details of Dreaming Way Lenormand

Creators: Kwon Shina, Lynn Araujo
Publisher: US Games 2016
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 36
Card Size: 2.50 x 3.50 in. = 6.35cm x 8.89cm
Card Language: English
Companion Material: 92-page booklet is included with the deck.

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