Dreamkeepers Tarot Review

The Dreamkeepers Tarot is centred in the mystical world of dreams, with an emphasis on the sacred feminine and the Goddess. Its 78 cards are stunning and soulful, and perfect for introspection and shadow work.

Deck Type: Tarot Deck   Cards: 78  
Creators: Liz Huston  
Publisher: US Games Systems 2021

Card Images from the Dreamkeepers Tarot

Dreamkeepers-Tarot-1 Dreamkeepers-Tarot-2 Dreamkeepers-Tarot-3 Dreamkeepers-Tarot-4 Dreamkeepers-Tarot-5 Dreamkeepers-Tarot-6 Dreamkeepers-Tarot-7 Dreamkeepers-Tarot-8 Dreamkeepers-Tarot-9

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Dreamkeepers Tarot Review by Medusawink

The Dreamkeeper’s Tarot is a tarot deck centred in the mystical world of dreams, with an emphasis on the sacred feminine, and the Goddess. As within the world of dreams elliptical messages come in abstract and surreal forms, and so this deck is illustrated to reflect this.

A 78 card deck, with a 22 card Major Arcana and 56 card Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana has several renamed cards which reflect this deck’s emphasis on the divine feminine. The Magician has been renamed The Creatrix, The Wheel of Fortune has been renamed The Fates, The Hanged Man is now The Hanged Woman. The Minor Arcana is divided into 4 suits of 14 cards each – Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. Each suit consists of 10 number cards, and 4 Court cards – Page, Knight, King, and Queen.

The cards measure 70 by 120 mm – which is fairly average for a tarot deck, being considerably larger than your average playing card but nowhere near as large (both in length and width) as your average Oracle card.

The card stock is good – light yet sturdy, flexible without being flimsy. The cards are finished with a smooth low sheen which makes them very easy to shuffle, and prevents them from sticking together and clumping when they are handled. There is the faintest of toothy texture to the back of the cards, and this again facilitates easy shuffling.

The print quality is excellent - the images are clear and crisp, and there are no misprints or colour bleeds to mar the artwork.

Artist Liz Houston has opted for a darker palette of twilight and night time colours – greys, deep blues, teals, dark greens, burgundy, and sepia dominate this deck. The images are rendered in realistic colour. Each illustration is a mixed media collage of vintage imagery combined with acrylic, oil, and watercolour paints and digital composition. The end result is a surreal dreamscape dominated by deeply feminine images that are arresting and eye-catching but ultimately not disturbing.

The images do not have a border and reach to the edges of the card on 3 sides, while titles and numbers are given in white on a grey green strip at the base of each illustration. The Major Arcana have both an Arabic number, and title; while the Minor Arcana have all the titles given in full i.e. Seven of Cups, Three of Wands, Queen of Swords and so forth.

The design on the back resembles nothing so much as a Victorian ceiling rosette – an 8-petaled flower in a secular frame surrounded by ornate leaf work in shades of watery grey-green. While the rosette is symmetrical, the faint leafy design in the background is not, therefore the image is not reversible.

The cards come with their guidebook, packaged in a solid cardboard box with a lift-off lid. The cards are seated in a deep well in the centre of the box a white satin ribbon threaded beneath them which enables them to be lifted out with ease, and the guidebook sits on top of them. The print at the bottom of the well and the surrounding area are a reproduction of the image on the back of the cards, but this time printed in grey and pale green.

While it is not gigantic it is also not the world’s smallest box set, it can easily be carried in a tote bag or backpack without taking up notable space. The cardboard is solid enough to give the cards good protection however if it is subject to pressure or exposed to sharp objects it will sustain damage fairly quickly.

The 179 page guidebook is written by The Dreamkeeper’s Tarot artist Liz Houston with all instruction in English only. This is a comprehensive guidebook which gives a good background to the basics of tarot reading as well as in-depth information about each card and how to interpret it.

There is the obligatory preface which outlines how the deck came to be, as well as an introduction to the deck itself which essentially defines the purpose of this tarot. Each card receives the same page space emphasising the importance of each card being perceived as having equal weight in a reading. Each card is afforded two pages – there is a small black and white reproduction of the card in question accompanied by a phrase or line defines it general meaning.

There is a full description of the illustration which includes focus on any significant symbols, actions, thoughts, and intentions embodied in the image. The ‘feeling’ as well as meaning of the card is discussed at length, with examples given of how this may manifest in the Seeker’s life. A Divinatory Message is given along with keywords for both upright and reversed interpretation.

Six tarot spreads are included – A Card a Day, This or That – a 2 card layout, the 12-card Choosing Between Two Paths layout, the 7-card Path of the Heart spread, a 5-card Simplified Relationship Spread, and the 11-card Mirror of Relationship Spread.

If you are drawn to the world of dreams or like surreal imagery then this is a deck that may capture your interest. If you are looking for a tarot deck heavily but not exclusively on the divine feminine then The Dreamkeepers Tarot the deck you are looking for.

With imagery that obliquely references the Rider-Waite-Smith deck this is a tarot that can easily be mastered by those who are familiar with the the classic or have previous experience in tarot reading.

While it is not recommended for absolute beginners those with a little tarot reading experience under their belt will find this deck user-friendly. A charming and mysterious deck.

Complete Details of Dreamkeepers Tarot

Creators: Liz Huston
Publisher: US Games Systems 2021
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 78
Major Arcana: 22
Minor Arcana: 56
Deck Tradition: Rider-Waite-Smith
Suits: Cups, Swords, Wands, Pentacles
Court Cards: King, Queen, Knight, Page
Card Size: 2.76 x 4.72 in. = 7.00cm x 12.00cm
Card Language: English
Card Back: Non-reversible
Back Design: An 8-petaled flower in a frame surrounded by ornate leaf work in shades of watery grey-green
Companion Material: 179-page companion guidebook written by the artist is also included with the deck.
Rating: 18/20 or stars out of five

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