Druid Animal Oracle

Druid Animal Oracle

The Druid Animal Oracle has nicely drawn and detailed pictures of animals familiar to the Druids, each symbolic of particular attributes such as the Dragon. A thorough knowledge of British landscapes, flora and fauna would be helpful in interpretation, but it's a gorgeous deck.

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Card Images from the Druid Animal Oracle

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Druid Animal Oracle Review by Pueo Silverwheel

This was my first deck and I chose it for a couple of reasons. First the word "Tarot" intimidated me and second I have always had an interest in animals, Celtic mythology and nature. All of which are nicely represented by this beautiful deck. The imagery is easy to understand for a begininer but also has depths that continue to intrigue as your experience grows.

I found that they worked wonderfully as meditation cards also. Focusing on a particular animal; its symbolism, strengths and weaknesses created a wonderful journey through the deck.

When I started reading for others I found it conquered that "Tarot" intimidation barrier for them as well as me. Many are made comfortable by the gorgeous images of common and not so common creatures of the earth. I learned a lot starting off with this deck. It prepared me for choosing a "real" tarot deck of my own and for the challenge of reading both for myself and others.

It comes with a great book that provides instruction as well as stories behind each animal depicted that provides a rich detail that is very helpful for interpreting a reading. It includes some spreads I had never heard of. One of my favorites is the "Journey of the Spirit"" spread which investigates the journey your spirit has made in the past, present and into the future, and hHow time and place influences your choices. It's a wonderfully in-depth spread.

I find the cards to be incredibly symbolic, and rather than predicting the future they instead comment on a particular situation. They draw the querent to think about a path they may not have previously considered, providing a different point of view. I like as well how the reversed cards present challenges to be overcome.

All in all the Druid Animal Oracle is a fantastic deck and I feel is it has great deal to offer to both the experienced and the beginner.

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Complete Details of Druid Animal Oracle

Creators: Stephanie Carr-Gomm, Philip Carr-Gomm, Will Worthington
Publisher: Connections
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 33

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