Faerie Guidance Oracle

Faerie Guidance Oracle

The Faerie Guidance Oracle is a 40-card deck designed for personal and spiritual development. It's from Paulina Cassidy, from the creator of the Paulina Tarot, and is illustrated in her signature style.

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Card Images from the Faerie Guidance Oracle

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Faerie Guidance Oracle Review by medusawink

The Faerie Guidance Oracle is a beautiful personal development deck from Illustrator Paulina Cassidy. Creator of the Joie de Vivre Tarot, Paulina Tarot, and Witchlings Spell Cards – Paulina has impeccable credentials when it comes to creating effective (and dazzlingly beautiful) oracle cards. Paulina sees faeries as Earth elemental who are the guardians of animals, nature, and human beings. Their primary purpose, through this deck, is to assist the Seeker to re-activate their spirituality and find new ways of exploring and expressing it. With titles such as Inspiration, Spirit, Rejuvenation, Magic, Karma, Courage, Energy, Euphoria, Passion, and Serenity – this deck is always forward-looking and focused on positive outcomes. The Seeker is simply asked to open themselves to possibilities with honesty and desire.

This 40 card deck has neither Major nor Minor Arcana, the cards have no numbers or set ordering. The cards measure 70 x 118 mm which is fairly similar in size to many standard tarot decks. The card stock is very good – thin and flexible, but not flimsy or prone to peeling, creasing, or chipping at the edges. The cards feel smooth and satiny with a soft, low gloss finish. The cards slide through the fingers easily and do not present any problems when they are shuffled.

The print quality is excellent – preserving all the tiny details, the fine line work, and subtle colours of Paulina Cassidy's original artwork. Paulina Cassidy works in watercolour and ink and her palette is subtle, translucent, and vibrant. Each image is incredibly detailed and the more one looks the more one sees – the finest decloration on costumes, animals and insects hidden amongst foliage, mysterious creatures, and fabulous flowers both large and small. This artwork is dazzlingly unique, done with the lightest of touches, and true to the artist's personal vision – both inspired and channelled through faeries.

Each image has a border of palest green – the title is at the top, and a truncated divinatory meaning is beneath the illustration. The print on the back – lavender coloured line drawings of elegantly curling plants and flowers, with tiny dragonflies fluttering about – is not reversible.

The cards and guidebook come packaged in a box- set. The box is made of thin cardboard printed with images from the deck, and a brief introduction to the purpose of the oracle. It may be suitable for storing the cards and book in at home, however it is both too large and too flimsy to carry around in a bag or backpack.

The guidebook "Faerie Reflections" is 262 pages in length. The Introduction is subtitled “The Faerie Source of Guidance" and here the deck’s creator explains her relationship with faeries and how they manifest through her artwork. There is a short chapter on Using the Faerie Guidance Deck, which is basic instruction about putting oneself into the appropriate frame of mind to attain the best reading through the cards. There are only 2 layouts included – one is a daily draw, wherein the Seeker draws a new card each day, gradually working their way through the entire deck, utilising the daily exercises prescribed. The other layout is called The Crisis Spread which prompts the Seeker to draw cards, however many necessary, to cast new light and offer solutions to personal issues and problems. Each card has its own mini chapter complete with a black and white reproduction of the card. It has a constructive explanation of the card’s essence, designed to inspire the Seeker. It offers a handful of suggestions as to how this may be achieved – whether it be through art, meditation, physical activities - everything from exercise to gardening, mindfulness and a whole host of other ideas that roughly approximate self-care, and awareness. There is a ‘Reflection’ for each card, which is a description of the faerie, the symbolic elements of the image, and something of a divinatory meaning for the card.

This oracle deck is just gorgeous, and if you are a fan of Paulina Cassidy's art then this deck is and must have. If you are looking for oracle cards for personal and spiritual development then this deck is both helpful and thoughtful. And if you just like pretty things – the Faerie Guidance Oracle is perfect. All round this deck is a total winner.

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Complete Details of Faerie Guidance Oracle

Creators: Paulina Cassidy
Publisher: Llewellyn 2012
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 40
Card Size: 2.76 x 4.65 in. = 7.00cm x 11.80cm
Card Language: English
Back Design: Pen and ink illustration of leaves, vines and butterflies on a pale background
Companion Material: A 262-page companion book, "Faerie Reflections", by Paulina Cassidy, is packaged with the cards.

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