Fairy Tale Lenormand

Fairy Tale Lenormand

The Fairy Tale Lenormand is a 38-card deck, merging the Lenormand symbols with a fairy tale storybook theme. It has the standard 36 Lenormand cards (plus extra Lady and Gentleman cards) illustrated in Lisa Hunt's signature style.

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Card Images from the Fairy Tale Lenormand

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Fairy Tale Lenormand Review by Bonnie Cehovet

The Fairy Tale Lenormand” is a traditional 36 card deck, with two extra Lady and Gentleman cards (for personalized readings), bringing the deck to 38 cards. It comes in a beautiful metal tin, with a 120 page companion book. The theme for this deck is that of Fairy Tales – stories that we remember from our childhood, stories that entertain, while presenting us with life lessons. The world of fairy tales is a magical world, and there is no better artist than Lisa Hunt to bring this world alive for us.

Donnaleigh de La Rose, in her foreword, talks about peering into our own life fairy tale. We know that we all have our own stories, but how many of us regard them as fairy tales! She talks about seeing mirror images of familiar childhood fairy tales in our own lives. Another point that de La Rose makes is that in creating a Lenormand deck, it was necessary for Hunt to simplify the imagery from her usual detailed style. To the point that de La Rose feels that in the Fairy Tale Lenormand there is a perfect fusion between theme and functionality.

In her introduction, Lynch talks about fairy tales serving as teaching tales, and how in the Fairy Tale Lenormand these myths are woven into the Lenormand structure to help readers learn to associate the cards in a more meaningful way. Where meanings are more concrete than in the stories themselves. (In the Lenormand, as opposed to other divination systems, the card meaning holds fast – i.e. it is not open to interpretation by the reader).

Each card is presented with the card title, playing card association, the associated fairy tale, and an explanation of how the tale fits into the card meaning. For example, card number 2 Clover carries the keywords luck, creativity, and serendipity, and is associated with the fairy tale “Thumbelina”. Card number 6 Clouds carries the keywords depression, confusion, and sadness, and is associated with the fairy tale “East o’ the Sun, West o’ the Moon”.

Spreads presented include an explanation of fan-type spreads, the Crossroads Spread, the Tower Spread, and the Happily Ever After Spread.

The cards are 2 ¼” by 3 ½”. The backs are done using a gold background, with a black scrolled border, and a black central image. The cards are reversible. The card faces show a gold border around a central image. The card number is in the upper let hand corner, with the associated playing card number and suit in the lower right hand corner. The card title is centered on the bottom of the card. The artwork is done largely in pastels, and has a fantasy, “otherworld” quality to it.

The fairy tales presented are multi-cultural, which brings a certain depth to the deck. The artwork is fascinating – for me it brings back memories of these stories from my childhood. Time spent with this deck is well worthwhile! Each time you read a card, more symbols become evident – there are levels upon levels here!

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Complete Details of Fairy Tale Lenormand

Creators: Lisa Hunt, Arwen Lynch
Publisher: US Games 2016
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 38
Card Size: 2.25 x 3.50 in. = 5.72cm x 8.89cm
Companion Material: 120-page companion booklet by Arwen Lynch is included with the deck, and relates fairy tales to the individual Lenormand cards. It also includes reading instructions and spreads.
Extra Info: The deck and booklet is packaged in a tin.

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