Decks Published by Findhorn Press

Angels of Atlantis Oracle  Open in New Window

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The Angels of Atlantis has 44 cards of cosmic collage imagery, themed around the teachings of the 12 archangels of Atlantis. It's designed to offer counsel and healing, and 'a deep connection to the ancient realm of Atlantis'.

Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards  Open in New Window

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The Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards is a set of 44 cards from Madeleine Walker, an animal healer and intuitive. Each card has a photographic image of the animal and some digital decoration, creating a magical and rather beautiful effect.

Silent Stones Colour Oracle  Open in New Window

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The Silent Stones Colour Oracle is a 33 card oracle, intended to help you discover your past lives and how they may be affecting you now.

Zodiac Pack  Open in New Window

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Take the visual approach to learning astrology with this highly coloured astrological deck. The Zodiac Pack features the planets, signs, houses and elements on the cards.

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