Gaia's Vision Oracle Cards

Gaia's Vision Oracle Cards

Gaia's Vision Oracle Cards is a deck of 40 photographic collages of nature, intended to help the seeker to connect with Gaia - Mother Earth. The landscape-oriented cards are versatile, intuitive and work as oracles, meditative devices or for inspiration.

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Card Images from the Gaia's Vision Oracle Cards

Gaias-Vision-Oracle-1 Gaias-Vision-Oracle-2 Gaias-Vision-Oracle-3 Gaias-Vision-Oracle-4 Gaias-Vision-Oracle-5 Gaias-Vision-Oracle-6 Gaias-Vision-Oracle-7 Gaias-Vision-Oracle-8 Gaias-Vision-Oracle-9 Gaias-Vision-Oracle-10

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Gaia's Vision Oracle Cards Review by medusawink

The Gaia’s Vision Oracle Cards is a 40 card deck intended to connect the Seeker with Gaia – Mother Earth. Through her auspices, and through these cards we can find wisdom, answers, inspiration, and guidance. The unusual images that comprise this oracle deck are quite versatile, allowing the user to interpret them in many different ways. Additionally they can be used to help relax, enter into trance states or for meditation.

This is an oracle deck and as such there are no Major or Minor Arcana – only 40 cards with evocative titles such as Ancient Light, Birthfire, Diving Deep, Eternal All, Heartroots, Mists Of Tears, Sparkleburst.

The cards measure 127 x 90 mm which is a fairly average size for oracle cards. The card stock is excellent – quite solid, light, and a little flexible, with a smooth, high-gloss finish. They sit nicely in the hands and are easy to shuffle; they do not stick together or clump, but rather, slide evenly. The print quality is very good – the complex photographic images maintain their integrity without compromise.

Each picture is comprised of several familiar (and mostly nature-based) images merged to create a more mysterious picture. Some of these mash-ups are quite striking while others are murky and indistinct. The overlays of colour sometimes highlight the inherent beauty of the images but too often they are either lurid or distracting. Part of the problem lies in the crowded foundation textures which are frequently an unrelieved mass of detail. To a certain extent the broad borders of mostly dark colours – forest green, night blue, burgundy, rust, moss, khaki, heather, slate, while attractive, do little to highlight or bring out the best in the images.

On the plus side the images are versatile, constantly shifting, and elusive. Much can be seen and read into these cards depending on one's frame of mind at the time of viewing. They are intended to be inspiring and they certainly function on that level – they have poetic titles and even more lyrical divinatory meanings. As a meditative devices these cards are magical, almost surreal dreamscapes – they provide doorways that dissolve and allow the Seeker to move easily into altered states.

The print on the back – a photo of planet Earth at the centre of a flower – is not reversible. The cards and guidebook are packaged in a solid cardboard box. The lid is held shut with magnetic clasps, and a satin-ribbon loop is provided to lift it it open. The cover on the box is glossy and printed with images from the GVOC, as well as information about the deck.

The 24 page guidebook by Susan Starr and Doris Diamond provides all the information a Seeker will need to make the most of this deck. The Introduction, although brief, helps put the Seeker in touch with the purpose of the cards. This is followed by helpful instruction and suggestions for how to use the oracle. Finally both author and artist address the creative processes they used when creating the deck.

The Card Messages are very short and poetic – a few sentences to stimulate the senses, intuition, imagination. This is followed by a single keyword which summarises the essence of the card’s meaning. The Appendix contains a multitude of 'Suggested Questions For Visioning’. This is followed by a series of 9 layouts (complete with diagrams) – from 3-card spreads through to 6-card layouts. Some of these address personal transformation, others creativity and inspiration.

This is a lovely deck for the poetic souls are among us, as well as the inner-space traveller looking for doorways to the self. For those of us who find the inspiration in the wonders of nature the visionary world of Gaia’s Vision Oracle Cards may be just what you are looking for.

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Complete Details of Gaia's Vision Oracle Cards

Creators: Susan Starr, Doris Diamond
Publisher: Schiffer Books 2016
Deck Type: Oracle Deck
Cards: 40
Card Size: 3.54 x 5.00 in. = 9.00cm x 12.70cm
Card Language: English
Card Back: Works as though reversible
Back Design: Image of Earth as seen from space on a purple floral design
Companion Material: A 24 page guidebook by Susan Starr and Doris Diamond is packaged with the cards.

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